The different ways of working stainless steel: from hand-brushed finishing to vintage effect

If you have been following us for some time and/or are passionate about outdoor kitchens and their processing, you will have noticed that we at OF prefer stainless steel as a material. Versatile, hygienic and durable, stainless steel can also be worked in different ways to give the kitchen (both outdoor and indoor) an always modern look and a design that is in step with the times. Among the processes that we love most in the company, in addition to the classic polished steel, there is the brushed finishing and the vintage effect. Here we explain what it is.

What the brushed metal finish is

A brushed metal finish, also known as n. 4 in technical terms, is an all-purpose glossy finish that gives the metal a smooth appearance. In addition to stainless steel, it can also be applied to other materials such as aluminium, brass and bronze. The brushed finish is also very fashionable for most of the projects in recent years. Here at OF we offer brushed finishes that are completely handmade, in which the smooth and brushed appearance of the stainless steel is achieved through a special brushing technique.

How to make the hand-brushed finishing

The basic material is always stainless steel, both in the 304 and 316 versions (i.e. weatherproof marine steel) on which a totally artisan and customised processing according to customer preferences is carried out. This is a process that transforms steel into a kind of wave never equal: it changes from door to door and from kitchen to kitchen. Brushed finishes are created through a process called metal brushing. This can be achieved with a metal brush, sandpaper or other abrasive material. In many cases, a grit belt is used for speed and efficiency. After the metal has been cut into the chosen grid pattern, the metal is polished with a fine bristle brush with a unidirectional movement. It is then softened with a grease-free abrasive compound or a belt or non-woven abrasive pad to create a matte finish. The end result not only includes a brushed appearance of the metal with fine lines in the direction of brushing, but is completely customised, unique and never reproducible.

How to clean the hand-brushed steel

The cleaning of hand-brushed stainless steel is similar to that of the other steel finishes of kitchens by OF outdoorkitchens. It is done with a microfiber cloth dampened with a mild detergent with a neutral ph and then rinsed with plain water.

Vintage-effect stainless steel: a striking and elegant effect

In addition to the brushed finish, stainless steel can also be processed with vintage effect. How is this effect achieved? Basically, it is done on 304 steel that is processed with unique techniques, of which only we at OF have the copyright. A newly developed steel that is never equal to itself, but differs from door to door. Its texture is completely spontaneous, because it is the result of the reaction between the underlying steel (the calamine that is inside the steel) and special reagents, of which we cannot reveal the identity. The material is then subjected to treatments of anti-discoloration and protection from external agents. Very easy to maintain and manage in cleaning, its final result is similar to a “wrought” effect (as seen with bronze or iron), which gives that vintage aura to the whole outdoor kitchen.