Why choose an outdoor kitchen? Here are 5 reasons to buy an outdoor kitchen

The world of outdoor kitchens is dedicated to those who want to fully enjoy the open spaces. In the garden, on the terrace, by the pool, in the attic, or in narrow places, you can relax with good food prepared at the moment, avoiding to constantly go in and out of the house. Outdoor kitchens allow you to enjoy convivial moments with friends and relatives. However, these are only two of the reasons to choose this product. Actually, there are many others. Discover with us other reasons why you should choose an outdoor kitchen.

An outdoor kitchen allows you to relax in the open air.

One of the main reason to buy an outdoor kitchen is the friendly atmosphere that is created around the kitchen or the brazier. The days, from late spring to autumn, are wonderful and organizing a barbecue in a professional way – taking advantage of the company of your best friends – is the perfect way to spend unforgettable moments. If you do not have an outdoor kitchen, it becomes much more inconvenient, because you will have to go back and forth from the indoor kitchen to get the dishes, organize the table, scrape together other ingredients, cutlery and so on. With an outdoor kitchen, instead, you can relax and enjoy your moments of conviviality in complete calm. Indeed, you have everything at hand, from the barbecue to the shelves for storing dishes, the sink for washing them afterwards and the stove if you want to cook something else. Even if you just want to organize a quick snack with your friends or relatives in the garden and you do not want to miss a minute of a great day outdoors, you can do it with an outdoor kitchen.

You do not need to fear space problems and you can customize your kitchen

If you think that an outdoor kitchen is only for those who have wide spaces outside their home, you are wrong. Indeed, there are tailor-made solutions for any surface area, from a small garden to a small terrace or portico. This is because the most modern outdoor kitchens can be customized and adapted to any space. If you have more space at your disposal, you can opt for a fully equipped outdoor kitchen: fridge, ice maker, brazier, dish rack and many other modules that are indispensable to make you feel at home in your garden. After all, our motto is Life is outdoor!

You can express your taste and reproduce the style of the indoor kitchen

Your outdoor kitchen can also be a way to further furnish your home and lend an even more definite style and design to the outdoor structure. If, for instance, you chose a kitchen with metal inserts inside the house, then you could reproduce the same materials on the outside, with a kitchen made entirely of steel left in its natural colour. If, instead, your tastes are more sophisticated, you could consider using Laminam cardoso nero fiammato steel, which lends itself very well to a refined house. OF selected numerous variations for both doors and worktops. We encourage you to see the hand brushed stainless steel and delabré stainless steel effect as an alternative to the traditional scotch brite, passing through corten, that has always been combined with outdoor furniture, up to the brand new vintage stainless steel and to the steel matt embossed lacquered in RAL range, which makes OF the only kitchen in the world able to blend in with the surrounding environment.

The colour of the steel with which our kitchens are made, as you have read, is customizable. Stainless steel can not only be left in its natural colour, but can undergo a series of treatments such as hand brushed finish with, for instance, wave patterns or delabré finish. In the latter case, the effect is similar to stone and gives a really interesting rustic/vintage mood to the context. In addition to stainless steel, the other metal variations are aluminium, dekton and laminam, each with a different effect.

On the barbecue you can cook any dish

For many people, the BBQ is an element exclusively suitable for grilling: grilled T-bone steaks, meat skewers, rib-eye steaks and sausages are an integral part of the culinary imagination related to the barbecue. However, there are so many recipes which can be prepared with the barbecue that to list them would not be enough a volume of Treccani. An example? Did you know that you can prepare an excellent pizza with the barbecue?

Durability: an investment that lasts forever

The fifth and final reason for buying an outdoor kitchen (there would be a thousand others, but we wanted to list only the most obvious) is the durability. In contrast to the wood kitchens typical of the indoor dining area, outdoor kitchens are made of stainless steel, an indestructible material that will make you say… this kitchen is forever!