Stainless steel modular kitchens made in Italy

Linearity and elegance, cutting edge design and functionality. The durability of stainless steel combines with geometric perfection of the lines to create first-class aesthetic solutions.
OF Outdoorkitchens is a spin-off of Officine Fanesi, a company specialized in the production of customizable stainless steel kitchens.
OF is particularly attentive to price and propositional facility. We thought of a company easy to read and propose, based on the fundamental concept of modularity. For this reason, we offer a plurality of compositions in different lenghts and in both wall and island versions. The common denominator of these compositions is the presence of the three basic requirements of cooking, water availability and storage capacity. We offer versions, intended for more or less demanding users, with different types of accessories and appliances, according to which the kitchens obviously have different dimensions.

About us

TECNOZETA S.R.L. is a company specialized in the production and sale of metal furniture for workshops and commercial activities in the engineering sector. The company today specializes in the production and sale of outdoor kitchens. The production activity is increasingly focused on sheet metal, stainless steel and aluminium processing, mainly producing stainless steel kitchens and furniture, working chest of drawers, cabinets with shelves, tool holders. Also providing for the design of specific and highly customized solutions according to customer requirements.

OF outdoor kitchens are completely made in Italy; they are produced internally and they have at the base a supply chain concentrated in the national territory.

From industrialization to custom outdoor kitchens and beyond.

Each OF customer can customize their kitchen by creating their own personal mix. OF outdoorkitchens is a leader in the production of outdoor kitchens, as it introduces a new and revolutionary concept of enjoyment of the open spaces. Officine Fanesi’s experience and technology allows it to guarantee, even outside, the modular management of spaces typical of the internal environment.

Excellence, custom made, quality of metals and finishes, research and experimentation: these are the characteristics that inspire Officine Fanesi. OF outdoor kitchens, always of great value and finished with great care, instead have the chatacteristic of being modular and therefore built “”in series””. A cheaper product, easy to manage and accessible to everyone.