How to cook meat perfectly on a BBQ of an outdoor kitchen

The barbecue has always been one of the most popular cooking systems, due to the unique taste it gives to meat and fish. The barbecue also represents conviviality par excellence, spending relaxing and carefree time together on summer days. A football match, a Sunday lunch, an anniversary to celebrate with family or friends; any excuse to light the fires. Therefore, the BBQ is a must in an outdoor kitchen and the person who will be chosen to be “the meat cooker” must know how to cook it perfectly. Here is how to cook meat perfectly on a BBQ of an outdoor kitchen.

An unforgettable barbecue? Choose the ingredients and equipment carefully

What are the rules for a perfect barbecue in the space of your outdoor kitchen? First of all, your passion for the grill as a method of cooking, that requires patience and expertise. Secondly, an equipment worthy of the name, with well-made barbecues and flawless performance. Last but not least, the excellent quality of the meat to be grilled. The dealers of outdoor kitchens all over the world agree that BBQ sales have increased dramatically in recent years, as well as the number of those who are becoming interested in this method of cooking.

What the chefs recommend

Chefs, or at least barbecue experts, have several valuable advices to give. The most important of these is slow cooking. In this way, the cooked meat will remain softer, but also tastier. If you have the right equipment, consisting of a grill and maybe a smoker, you can get the so-called “smoke” cooking. If, instead, you are passionate about American BBQ, chefs recommend long cooking for a long time (even 12-15 hours) at low temperatures. The ideal smoking and the best flavour also come from the wood cooking, and therefore from wood barbecues.

The wood barbecue: functional and elegant, always with steel

If you want to rediscover the pleasure of cooking outside with a barbecue in your outdoor kitchen, it is important that you rely on a wood barbecue. The most contemporary models combine the beauty of design with the ease of use. You can choose between those that are suitable for island kitchens and those that are suitable for wall kitchens. The particularity of the new wood BBQ is that they have a large surface in 304 stainless steel. This metal ensures that the meat is cooked perfectly during all phases of the process and that it does not need to be seasoned in any way, making it juicy and tender. In addition, the wood barbecue is very easy to use even for non-experts. Not only meat, but also fish, vegetables, bread, toasts and so on (read some of our barbecue recipes).

The difference also lies in the type of wood

It is therefore clear that the equipment and the barbecue are important. However, the type of wood used also plays a large part in the final result. This is at least what many of the masters of meet cooking claim. In fact, different woods give different flavours to the meat. Therefore, be careful when using the charcoal: you must make sure that it is completely lit in order to avoid burning the meat outside and leaving it raw inside. Otherwise, the risk is that you end up eating meat which is also bad for health. In short, if you do not want to ruin your grilled T-bone steak, you should follow these advices.