La tua cucina outdoor è di piccole dimensioni, ecco tante idee per te

Is your outdoor kitchen small? Here are many ideas for you

Outdoor kitchens can be designed in a variety of shapes and sizes to fit almost any location. Even if your outdoor space is limited in size and your outdoor kitchen is small, you can easily design functional corners. A small outdoor kitchen can include everything you need for cooking and entertaining and fit perfectly into your space. Let’s see how.

The essentials for a comfortable space

A small area dedicated to outdoor cooking consists of 3 meters or less of L-shaped or straight-line furniture. Small outdoor kitchens usually function as grilling stations or bar areas. Due to size limitations, they therefore include only the essentials for outdoor cooking and food preparation (grill, sink, trash, storage space). But this doesn’t mean your outdoor space can’t be absolutely enjoyable.

Ideas for outdoor grilling stations

Outdoor grilling stations are often found in limited size spaces, such as balconies or porches. They are a great solution if you need a simple and comfortable cooking area for a reduced space. When designing your grilling station, you should keep in mind some considerations, such as placement, furniture style, appliances and services. And when you make decisions about where to place your grilling station, you must never forget concepts like functionality, convenience, and safety. For one thing: it is not advisable to place a grill area against vinyl or wood siding. Proper ventilation is also important in partially or fully enclosed spaces. Another thing you should never leave to chance are municipal laws and regulations, as well as personal considerations, in terms of the most convenient location for your outdoor kitchen.

Don’t forget the style of the furniture

Although style is important in any outdoor kitchen, it can be particularly vital in confined spaces. For a small grilling station, the choice of door style should enhance the simplicity of your aesthetics. Elegant styles and clean lines are the best choices for small spaces, to avoid a cluttered look. Come and visit us in our showroom, and you will see that we can provide both traditional styles of cabinet doors and modern collections, created by specialized architects and designers. We also have modular collections appreciated for veranda, patio, and grilling station setups. Not to mention some common aspects for these applications, such as elegant full-height door fronts, pass-through cabinets, and integrated handles.

Kitchen appliances and services

A grilling station wouldn’t be complete without a grill or other stainless steel appliances. Since grills are available in a multitude of sizes, a common assumption is that the largest grill is necessary. However, you should consider the size that best suits your needs to avoid wasting space. In addition to a cooking appliance, a small grilling station should include storage. You can also include wall units for additional storage space. For a more functional space, you can also add other services. Common additions include a sink and a trash can, which provide convenience and indoor comfort to your outdoor space.

We at OF outdoorkitchens are manufacturers of outdoor kitchens in stainless steel and can make outdoor kitchens in hundreds of sizes, even small ones. Your cooking area will have the possibility of having back panels for a finished look and great aesthetic impact. With seemingly endless configurations, you will have the freedom to design your kitchen with us, with the guarantee of being able to place it practically anywhere.