Winter is coming: it’s time to cover your outdoor kitchen

If you are designing an outdoor kitchen for your garden or patio, you may wish to protect it from all weathers with a cover. In this way, even now that winter is approaching, you can enjoy your outdoor kitchen with all temperatures. Covering your outdoor kitchen offers advantages of protection from the elements, or from too much heat. It then minimizes maintenance and makes the kitchen usable in all kinds of circumstances. Depending on the needs of your space and climate, the installation of a cover can offer additional protection for complete peace of mind and add a decorative element. However, choosing highly resistant stainless steel furniture, a coating becomes an optional choice for the design of your outdoor kitchen and not a requirement to enjoy your space all year round. Here, then, are a few tips for you in this regard.

The main covers for outdoor kitchens

Pergolas, canopies, parasols and gazebo are common covers for an outdoor kitchen. They are all structures that offer shelter and a certain degree of protection. For a more permanent solution, you could instead think of a “California room” or three seasons, which covers your outdoor kitchen almost completely. Let’s look them in detail.


A canopy is a versatile option. You can choose a canopy that covers your kitchen or the entire outdoor living space for extra protection. Depending on the materials, canopies can be semi-permanent or movable.


Gazebos can be made with a variety of materials for greater outdoor durability, such as wood and metal. An outdoor kitchen gazebo has a roof and support columns to easily cover all your space.


If you are looking for a cover that is more decorative than protective, an outdoor kitchen pergola is built with open poles and trellis. You can add features like ivy for an extra decorative element.


If you want an economical solution to stay out of the sun, a parasol above your outdoor kitchenette is a great option. Above all, you can close the parasol when you don’t want or need shade.

California Room

California Rooms, also known as three seasons, offer maximum shelter and protection as covers. These are partially or fully enclosed rooms with screens or glass. In this way, you get the benefits of being outdoors, but with protection from the elements.

What you need to consider for a covered outdoor kitchen

And here’s what you need to be careful about before designing a cover.

Rain and snow

Although a cover is a great option for shelter from rain and snow, these elements can contribute to weight problems on the roof. Make sure you keep water away from your kitchen.


The ventilation of the grill is simple when an outdoor kitchen is exposed to the open air. A cover means that you must take appropriate measures for ventilation, especially if the kitchen is completely closed.

Sun exposure

For hot summer days spent outdoors, sun exposure can be a problem. Consider the best covering options that will allow you to spend time in the shade while cooking outdoors.

For most other brands of outdoor kitchens, a covering is required to protect the integrity of materials, such as plastic and brick. However, investing in OF outdoorkitchens means that a cover is not indispensable for your outdoor kitchen furniture. Therefore, the installation of a cover is simply a personal choice based on your outdoor entertainment needs.