Why everyone likes modular outdoor kitchens

We live in hectic times, in which slowness and waiting have lost the importance they had in the past. The way we deal with our needs, therefore, has also changed. Our desire for instant gratification grows, we do not want (and we cannot, very often) wait long periods to get what we need. When considering an outdoor kitchen project, those who are expert in the field must also take this aspect into account. Indeed, ease of assembly plays an important role in the decision-making process. Here then modular kitchens prove successful. Here we tell you why.

A modular kitchen is practical, comfortable and long-lasting

The design of an ideal outdoor kitchen (as our customers make us understand every day) must be quick, simple and satisfactory to everyone’s needs. This is one of the reasons why the demand for modular outdoor kitchens has grown in recent years. But what exactly are outdoor kitchens of this type? Let’s start by saying that the term “modular” denotes a space composed of units or standardized sections for easy construction or flexible layout. In essence, the modules are uniform sections that can be arranged to create a complete structure. If we look for the definition of “modular design” on the major search engines, the result is more or less this: “Modular design is the ability to take divided parts, modules or components and independently create, modify, replace or exchange these with other different modules or systems. Modular design offers a high level of flexibility and the advantage of flexibility in the future”.

Here are some practical examples of the concept of “modularity”

If you need a practical example to understand this design solution, think of a typical situation. Do you want a sink? Choose a modular unit with a sink. This unit can then be connected to a module with a grill. And voilà: the combination of these modules creates a modular outdoor kitchen. Of course, with this example we are just giving you a general idea. This is because, if you wish, you could put together a dozen or more outdoor kitchen units. It depends on the space you have available. The point is that modular outdoor kitchens are flexible in terms of design and quite easy to install, but only for those who are competent. Indeed, remember that outdoor kitchens require a specialised technician’s background for installation, which we at OF always provide.

What the best materials for modular outdoor kitchens are (and other advantages)

You are probably wondering now what materials are commonly used for modular outdoor kitchens. If you have been following our blog for a while and know our company, then you already know that we rely on stainless steel for our outdoor kitchens. And in fact today on the market the vast majority of outdoor kitchens manufacturers choose this material, sometimes in combination with aluminium. Indeed, both are extremely light compared to the classic masonry or cement, and much more resistant to external agents and bad weather. This also make the modular options easier to manage and move. There are also those who use polymers and marine quality wood, but these are less common choices. Finally, another advantage of modular outdoor kitchens is their lower shipping costs and packaging. Most modular outdoor kitchens are flat-packed because they arrive unassembled. This saves space and contributes to the ease of shipping.