Where to place your new outdoor kitchen: here are some ideas for you before buying

If you are thinking of buying an outdoor kitchen, some important design considerations should concern the arrangement of stainless steel cabinets and appliances. We at OF outdoorkitchens give you design freedom, placing your kitchen against a wall or without any wall, with a clean and finished look in all cases. With seemingly endless layout options and a variety of finishes, your outdoor kitchen furniture will easily complement the material and style of your outdoor kitchen walls. If you are running out of ideas, here are four ideas for you.

The best walls materials and styles for your outdoor kitchen

You can effortlessly create an elegant and sophisticated outdoor living space with the material and style of your outdoor kitchen wall. Examples of material options include stone, glass, bricks, wood, stainless steel wall units and tiles. Each material can help you achieve the aesthetics you are looking for. The design options for your outdoor kitchen wall depend on the placement of your outdoor kitchen and stainless steel appliances. If you place your outdoor grill against a wall, make sure the wall is made of non-combustible materials, such as glass, stone, bricks or tiles. It is inadvisable to place the outdoor grill against combustible materials, such as vinyl or wood siding, since the heat may melt the material or cause its combustion.

Bricks, stone, wood or glass? Tips for walls

Therefore, before choosing the walls that best suit your outdoor kitchen, take into account these details that we point out.

Brick, stone and cedar wood. A kitchen with cedar wood, bricks or natural stone walls will achieve a natural aesthetic in your outdoor space. Just remember to keep the grills away from the siding, if you choose wood walls. The brick, on the other hand, offers a classic and urban look to your outdoor kitchen and can be painted to create a custom wall. Then there is the natural stone, which is available in a variety of colours and textures, and the cedar, which can be left bare or painted, so you can have as much fun as you want in the design. Incorporating neutral tones with deep greens and blues and an outdoor fireplace inside the brick or stone wall could, in our opinion, enhance the natural look of your space.

Ceramic or porcelain stoneware tiles. There are many colour options and patterns available with tiles! You can create almost anything and even try your hand at intricate patterns and mosaics with a tile wall or a backsplash space. However, choose tiles in bright and fun colours that you can contrast with dark furniture. Or opt for neutral tones for a minimal design. As a bonus, the tile is easy to clean in an outdoor kitchen. However, keep in mind that any broken tiles may be difficult to replace if the same option is not available.

Glass. Glass is a shiny and elegant material that goes well with any design. Placing your outdoor kitchen inside a glass room can easily create a modern and at the same time protective look. Glass walls offer the advantage of letting in natural light and making your space appear larger and more open. Choose light colours for an airy atmosphere or deeper shades for a modern aesthetic.

The extra touch: stainless steel wall units

Including steel wall units in the design of your outdoor kitchen is a must to make it functional in the same way (if not more) than your indoor kitchen. OF outdoorkitchens provides in its catalogue a variety of sizes with choices of handles, powder coating colours and doors styles for your outdoor wall units. Furniture for your outdoor kitchen wall will thus create the best wall space for your outdoor kitchen. Come visit us and visit our showroom or our website.