What today’s outdoor kitchen buyers are looking for The answers of OF outdoorkitchens

More and more people continue to discover the pleasure of spending time outdoors while remaining in their homes, especially during fine weather. With this increased acceptance especially of receving guests and cooking something outdoors, the outdoor kitchen is becoming an increasingly important element in homes all over the world. But what is the customer of the second twenty-first century looking for? Are the requests to the dealer the same as those of the past or has the approach changed? Let’s see it in our article today.

The typical buyer is attentive to functionality but also to aesthetics and design

The typical clientele of an outdoor kitchen nowadays is demanding and aware, attentive to the environment and functionality, but also to design. Buyers therefore look for an outdoor kitchen that is practical, but also aesthetically appealing. The want, for example, a cooking area that is comfortable and cosy, able to accommodate friends and family to spend time together. Another important factor for those who choose to opt for an outdoor kitchen is versatility. Indeed, this type of kitchen must be able to adapt to the changing seasons, but also to the needs of the family. For this reason, many people opt for a modular kitchen that can be easily configured according to the needs.

Reducing the environmental impact of the kitchen is another frequent request

Energy efficiency is another crucial factor. Customers are looking for a kitchen that uses eco-friendly energy sources, such as gas or propane, in order to reduce the environmental impact. Moreover, they also want the kitchen to be equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and technology, able to guarantee fast and even cooking. Add to all this the demand that an outdoor kitchen be easy to clean and maintain. In this sense, durable and weatherproof materials are essential to ensure that the kitchen can be used for many years. We could sum it up, therefore, in the words practicality, versatility, energy efficiency, cutting-edge technology and ease of cleaning and maintenance.

OF outdoorkitchens for years alongside those seeking reliability in the kitchen

We at OF outdoorkitchens are a leader in the production of outdoor kitchens, as we introduce a new and revolutionary concept of enjoyment of open spaces. Officine Fanesi’s experience and technology allows us to guarantee, even outside, the modular management of spaces typical of the internal environment that has made this brand a real guarantee. We are at the heart of all this: an organized and highly specialized team, able to offer Italian and International customers a service that takes care of every detail, with the collaboration of specialists who work with the designers to define the project, carry out the planimetric survey and resolve all possible post-sale problems. We have an international network presence and an eye on the future: our social channels and the creation of media shares (as you can see from our blog) aims to become a real point of reference for those in Italy, Europe and the World who want to experience a new way of living outdoors.