What to consider when designing an outdoor kitchen: positioning and spaces

When you think of your outdoor kitchen, you imagine it already finished and ready to live; but do you know that the positioning and design of spaces must be impeccable in order to achieve a good end result? Indeed, it is necessary to take into account the basic elements, the available areas and the correct placement in the “outdoor” space, to ensure that everything fits together perfectly. Then let’s see what makes the design of an outdoor kitchen so important.

Free your imagination but always adjusting to other environments

Outdoor kitchens are designed to be an addition of convenience and comfort to your home, as well as of beauty. Thinking about your ideal design should then free your imagination. If you feel stuck in creative inspiration and you are unable to give input to your designer, you can get advice from our designers. It might be interesting to also think about changing the indoor kitchen to create two mirror kitchens. We can provide you with many ideas of outdoor kitchens to help you prioritise the elements you need so that you can fully enjoy all the functions of your home. Moreover, take into account that lighting is a very important element for an outdoor kitchen. Please also note that lighting is a very important factor for an outdoor kitchen. And here is a treat to reveal: very clear, almost white, lighting of activities focuses on cooking and food preparation, while warm and yellow lighting can be used to create relaxing and sociable areas. For this reason, remember that recessed wall spotlights will cast an ambient glow on the floor and will be useful for defining paths, while an outdoor table lamp helps to create a pleasant and warm atmosphere.

The basic elements and how to order them

The basic elements for an outdoor kitchen are a built-in barbecue and a work surface for preparing your delicious dishes outdoors. However, most outdoor kitchens also have some type of oven, such as pizza ovens, which can be used as multi-purpose ovens. Another useful addition (we have mentioned it several times in our blog) is a plumbing sink to help with food preparation. And why leave it there alone, when you could include an outdoor fridge to offer your guests a drink? Also add a bar table with stools and you will have a really efficient outdoor kitchen. Then, do not overlook the organisation of the space: think of ways to make your life as easy as possible. How? Make room in the cupboard and drawers to store your table set and utensils outdoors, and then, of course, keep available a storage space for cushions, blankets and table linen outdoors.

How to position an outdoor kitchen: some idea

When deciding on the correct location for an outdoor kitchen, the first step is to choose a place sheltered from the wind. Moreover, be sure to shelter the steel kitchen from the sun, not to preserve the material (which withstand any weather condition) but because it would be uncomfortable in hot weather. Finally, consider placing the garden kitchen not far from one of the entrances of the house so that you can easily move things in and out. In this regard, make sure that your outdoor kitchen installation has a minimum space of 2.5 square metres to move safely and easily, and that the soil is flat and hard in order that the kitchen components have a stable base.