What the Big Green Egg is and how to integrate it in OF outdoor kitchens

Did you know that it is now possible to integrate the Big Green Egg into our OF outdoor kitchens? The Big Green Egg is the Kamado Barbecue par excellence, inspired by the ancient round ovens of Japanese origin. Haven’t heard of it? No problem, we explain what it is in this article.

What a Big Green Egg looks like and how it works

Literally, in Italian, “Big Green Egg” means “Big Green Egg”. And in fact, to look at it, it looks just like a giant all green egg. It is actually a small barbecue, with a revolutionary cooking method. It is made of ceramic and is able to give a unique taste to a multitude of dishes, from meat to fish and vegetables, up to bread and pizza. The Big Green Egg uses a precise cooking control system that includes an airtight chamber with a patented airflow system. If your “giant egg” is not hot enough, simply open the upper or lower vent to increase the air flow.

Innovative design and advantages of this Kamado barbecue

But what are the advantages of a ceramic barbecue? The egg-shaped design of the Big Green Egg allows heat to be trapped inside during use. This means that it is safe to touch without having to worry about getting burned.

What you can cook with a Big Green Egg in an outdoor kitchen

A Kamado Big Green Egg barbecue can really cook everything, in a versatile way. Controlling the temperature, you can make different cooking styles. A little higher for grilling burgers, steaks, chicken or even seafood. With a lower temperature you can instead achieve a smoked effect for chicken breast or wings, pork chops or delicious side dishes. Thanks to its ability to retain heat and moisture, the Big Green Egg also allows you to roast poultry, lamb, beef and vegetables without losing the flavour. Moreover, if you add a baking stone, you will be able to bake pizza, bread, cakes and much more. When you want an appetizer, a single dish or a dessert, use your Big Green Egg. The possibilities are endless.

Easy to clean and maintain

Once you have finished using your new Kamado egg in your outdoor kitchen, just close the lid. In this way, the residual heat will burn any food residue. At this point, for a proper cleaning, use the Big Green Egg Grid Cleaner or a stainless steel scrubber to scrape off the remains.