What is greenwashing and why we at OF are fighting it

Today in our blog we will not talk about outdoor kitchens, we will make an exception for a very important topic that we care as a company. In recent times we hear a lot about greenwashing. If this word doesn’t ring a bell, here we explain what it means and what are the examples of such a practice within companies. In addition, we at OF have a nice project in the pipeline. Read and find out what we are talking about.

But what is greenwashing really?

Greenwashing refers to a communication and marketing strategy adopted by companies or other organizations to propose sensitive topics in order to communicate an environmentally responsible corporate image to the public. Actually, when you look at the facts, it turns out that this does not correspond, or corresponds insufficiently, to the content of shared messages. This new term comes from the combination of two other words: green and washing (understood as “brainwashing” or “conscience washing”). It seems new to the uninitiated, but it was actually created in the early ‘90s by NGOs keen to expose the environmentally damaging practices of large industrial groups. In the 2000s, when companies became aware that consumers were concerned about the impacts of their activities, it began to become popular.

Some examples of greenwashing tecnique

Here are some examples of communication strategy based on greenwashing.

“Zero emission cars”

You may have noticed how each car manufacturer praises the environmental courage of its electric, hybrid or particularly fuel-efficient model in terms of greenhouse gas emissions. However, some companies ‘forget’ to denounce the (rarely green) origin of the electricity that recharges the batteries, as well as the problems of recycling and disposal of highly polluting lithium-ion batteries.

Green computing and remote working

New technologies in general (and information technology in particular) are an important ally of the environment. They allow to save paper, reduce CO2 emissions through online and remote work, etc. Therefore, many technology companies announce that technology is the Holy Grail of the planet, which corresponds to greenwashing. Why? Because technological components are the basis of computing devices. And these components are made of minerals extracted from the lands of poor countries, whose exploration (through mining activities) is very harmful to the environment.

Clean energies

All energy companies let everyone know to develop their own renewable energy networks. Looking closely, however, many of them take opposite positions. During their research and investment processes, for example, they choose to support and promote fossil fuel-based and nuclear-based energies. This consistently pollutes the planet.

“Let’s go see if it is true!”: a project that we care

Precisely with this in mind, we at OF have decided to participate in a new all green project. It is called “Let’s go see if it is true!” and it is an interesting format born from the collaboration between the GreenMe portal and Matteo Viviani of the popular TV programme “Le Iene”.

The aim is to combat greenwashing and to find sustainable companies throughout our country. In addition, Matteo Viviani, armed with a camera, will visit our company and test our work. Will we pass the test?

Stay tuned to find out! Continue to follow us, on our social media and here on the blog, and we will update you on the progress of the initiative.