Outdoor mon amour la passione per le cucine da esterno cresce

Outdoor, my love: the passion for outdoor kitchens is on the rise.

Outdoor kitchens are increasingly popular and the trend shows no sign of abating. The value of a functional outdoor living space is clearer than ever. Demand has grown slowly but steadily over the last two decades, suggesting that this is a definitive lifestyle change rather than a passing novelty trend. Outdoor living spaces are now one of the best investments for homeowners. Here’s why.

Buying a home with an outdoor space becomes a priority

According to a survey conducted by real estate agencies spread across Europe, 75% of respondents have prioritized buying a new home with an outdoor living area. This need is largely due to these spaces becoming more durable, luxurious, and functional over time, all while providing a creative outlet for design professionals. There’s also a noticeable shift in the work landscape, contributing to this trend. We’ve indeed seen how remote work has increased more than ever. Since many are working from home, they have become more willing to invest in additional amenities for their primary residence. As for holiday rentals, there’s a novel observation: most people would be more inclined to rent a holiday home if it has an outdoor kitchen.

It’s time for brighter, bolder finishes

While pastel and neutral colors were once the rage, they are now taking a backseat to brighter, bolder finishes. Prospective buyers of outdoor kitchens view outdoor cooking spaces as an opportunity to experiment with fun color options, and 77% embrace the freedom to stray from traditional neutrals often seen in interior design. Indeed, choosing a vibrant color for your outdoor kitchen can easily make it a key piece in your space. Bold colors can also serve as complementary options to the rest of your design.

Sustainable materials and zero environmental impact are other important factors

Reduced exterior footprints and sustainable, environmentally friendly materials have emerged as two important factors in outdoor kitchens. Consumers are making conscious choices to use eco-friendly materials like stainless steel for their outdoor kitchens. It turns out that 69% of respondents believe that sustainable materials are important. Our 304 and 316 stainless steel furniture is recyclable, environmentally friendly, and requires minimal maintenance. With the resilience to withstand even the harshest climates, our furniture is designed to last a lifetime, reducing replacements and waste.

Our commitment to customer satisfaction is always our top priority

Although designing in a smaller space may be intimidating, innovations in manufacturing make it easier than ever to extend real estate footprints and encourage flow between indoor and outdoor. Our furniture is available in dozens of sizes and seemingly infinite configurations, making them a functional solution even for smaller spaces. Our ongoing evolution in outdoor kitchen design ensures that we will always have solutions for changing needs. OF outdoor kitchens’ commitment to luxurious and durable kitchens is a fundamental feature of our brand. For this purpose, you can find a multitude of sizes, furniture styles, door styles, and colors, allowing you to create a unique outdoor space. As we remain passionate about the future of the outdoor living industry, we will continue to dedicate ourselves to providing the best outdoor kitchen solutions. We aim to be your personal resource to help you create the backyard oasis of your dreams.