The outdoor kitchen on the veranda: the clever idea to copy to the British

Outdoor kitchens are not only to be found on the terrace, in the garden, on the patio or in completely open spaces. An interesting idea is to place them on the veranda. This is a trend that comes from Anglo-Saxon countries. We know, in fact, how much the British (but also the Americans) love to spend time in this environment, complete with an equipped kitchen. OF outdoor kitchens are also designed for verandas, to which they will give charm and conviviality. Here are some ideas to create your comfort space according to your tastes.

What cannot be missing in an outdoor patio kitchen

The furniture of the kitchen in the veranda must, of course, include well-organized compositions. For example, the oven, hob and sink cannot miss. The support bases will then be essential for storing dishes and crockery. Instead, you can do without the wall units. Especially if you are planning to furnish a veranda with windows (maybe with an open view of the garden or swimming pool), the wall units are definitely to be discarded because you would have difficulty fixing them. Fridge and microwave will help you prepare the dishes, but also the dishwasher could be very useful, speeding up cleaning operations. Another indispensable piece of furniture for the veranda turned into a kitchen is the dining table. It would, however, be preferable to choose an extendable model or a folding garden table, which are ideal for making room for new guests.

Why the outdoor kitchen is perfect for a veranda

In case you need to furnish an open veranda, outdoor kitchens are the best solution since, as you already know, they are specially designed to withstand the weather and are also available in compact versions, for tight spaces. The extra design tip: an interesting element to furnish the space as a second living room is a coffee table with armchairs, which you can use to relax after dinner. And naturally you can’t leave the barbecue out, for a barbecue with friends! In this regard, we reveal a curiosity: did you know that several surveys carried out by real estate agencies found that as many as 82% of homeowners are more interested in investing in outdoor premises than before the pandemic? In short, what was once considered only a pleasant comfort, has now become a priority for many.

Carefully choose the layout of your outdoor kitchen

The area in which you work will be the one that will dictate “the rules” for the layout of your outdoor kitchen, even on the veranda. Of course, if you dream of L-shaped kitchens with a bar (we have also seen this in other articles of our blog) you will have understood that they are perfect for the larger patios where you plan to entertain your guests frequently, but a simple series of one or two furniture with a grid can be just as functional in a smaller space such as the verandas. Then remember to properly plan utilities such as gas, electricity and water. A typical kitchen has four zones, which we could identify with four adjectives:

  1. A hot spot, for cooking;
  2. A dry area, for food preparation;
  3. A wet area, for the sink and where the taps are;
  4. A cold area, for refrigeration and ice.

If space is limited, you can dispense with the last two zones. In this case, to use the fridge and sink, you can place your outdoor cooking space near your indoor kitchen.