The outdoor is renewed: the main novelties of the season for design

The idea that outdoor environments have the same importance as the indoor ones and are to be furnished with equal care is becoming increasingly rooted in Italian buyers, on par with international customers. New ways of living are therefore making their way, with different lifestyles en plein air. In short, the attention for the outdoor grows, with the consequence of increasing more and more the research towards new materials, with a study by designers and planners on how to make them durable and resistant to atmospheric agents. The solution often lies in using recycled and recyclable materials and in finding the right balance between aesthetics and functionality. Let’s see then what the main novelties of the season are in this regard.

Sofas and chaise longues that mix wood and aluminium

The outdoor kitchen, in particular, provides not only a space in which to prepare food, but also a conviviality area in which guests can relax and enjoy their time. Therefore, sofas and chaise longues are given a new lease of life, with new materials. Let’s think about teak wood mixed with aluminium bases. The latter is reinterpreted by many designers by focusing on strength and ergonomics, and has recently shown itself to be very versatile and innovative. In particular, the contrast between the hardness of the metal and the textile inserts of sofas or armchairs is surprising. Also interesting is the trend of furnishing outdoor kitchens with shaped and painted tables. Black, white, or vitamin colours: whichever shade you choose, the paint is now polyurethane-based, so you no longer fear the discoloration due to weather conditions.

Steel becomes increasingly functional, with nothing to envy to the automotive sector ​​​​​​​

It really seems one of the most current trends in the design (and then in the use) of outdoor kitchens to add a small laundry room. This solution stems from the fact that the outdoor is increasingly lived and conceived as an additional room of the house. In short, the garden or terrace becomes a real extension of the house. Moreover, the steel used for the outdoor kitchens becomes more and more prepared to withstand any weather, so much so that it has nothing to envy to that used for the automotive or nautical sector. We at OF outdoorkitchens know how important steel can be in an outdoor kitchen and we devote extreme care to this material.

Garden furniture becomes interchangeable in layouts ​​​​​​​

Another taste innovation in outdoor furniture is the fact that garden furniture can be combined with others and configured in many different layouts. An incredibly modern taste can, for instance, be found in three dark or silver geometric pieces of furniture that can be adapted in various way. In the latest versions created by designers for outdoor seating, the armrests and backrests of the chairs and armchairs are modular and swivel, depending on the scenario you are facing. They can, therefore, be positioned differently to enjoy relaxing evenings looking at the horizon.

Glamorous finishes and details for a kitchen of great scenic presence ​​​​​​​

Finally, we cannot fail to mention the deluxe segment, for outdoor kitchens that become decidedly sumptuous. An example? To enhance the visual appeal of the entire composition, you can opt for bold and unusual finishes. Platinum, gold, bronze and metallic or pearl effects. The kitchen will shine like a precious design jewel under the sun. For a kitchen that does not go unnoticed, there are also sliding or folding covers that can be activated with a remote control to protect it when not in use, which also turn into convenient worktops or snack tables when needed. The word of outdoor design is therefore constantly evolving and always has something new in store for us.