The new outdoor kitchens with barbecue break out of stereotypes

Let’s face it, when we think of outdoor kitchens and barbecues, we usually paint this picture: the classic rugged man, maybe even an American woodsman, struggling with meat and roasts, surrounded by happy family, children and many friends with beer in hand. How often is this environment and the act of grilling associated with a woman? Very few, in the popular imagination. However, women use these spaces a lot. We started from here, from this last question that the designers asked themselves when designing the newest outdoor kitchens with barbecues: no more stereotypes, just coloured outdoor kitchens made of steel and other materials that can be converted to these new customer needs. Let’s see how.

The evolution of outdoor kitchens design also embraces the taste

The road to the contemporary era is thus traced. The evolution is also perceived in taste, meaning the one of the five senses that is dedicated to flavour. After all, outdoor kitchens and barbecues are not just for grilling and roasting steaks and sausages, but can also be used to prepare refined recipes. Chefs and starred restaurants are well aware of this and have recently been increasing their areas of “action” with outdoor kitchens. Dishes to remember also cooked with our OF outdoor kitchens.

An adaptation of the indoor area which then became completely independent

At the beginning, and until a few years ago, outdoor kitchens were designed and made as a simple adaptation of indoor kitchens. Even this stereotype has been overcome: today outdoor kitchens have a life of their own, since they are made of exclusive materials for use in the open air. Steel, special ceramics and stones are the materials preferred by designers to get to the outdoor kitchens with the highest performance.

Professional kitchens that can be used by everyone

High technical performance, therefore, with top quality and cutting-edge materials. Outdoor kitchens become full-fledged professional kitchens. This means independent elements that lend themselves to the different needs of use, both with regard to the type of kitchen and the space available. And today most of the companies producing this type of environments and techniques, design and produce garden kitchens with barbecues that serve not only to prepare food but also to wash it, cook it and then serve it to guests. This is also achieved with the latest mobile models, on wheels or removable, which allow you to use the outdoor kitchen where and when you want.

Stainless steel remains the protagonist

However, if the use of certain materials has been rediscovered as a complement and no longer as a central element in the creation of outdoor kitchens (think, for example, of masonry or wood), this is due to the increasingly high performance of stainless steel, that allowed this extraordinary metal to undermine all the other elements. Moreover, nowadays, steel can not only be converted to a resistant material in environments subject to particular thermal stresses (salt spray, salt, high temperatures, other weather conditions), but can also be made in a variety of colours (our coloured steel is very popular) and in line with the most contemporary design. Therefore, it is not only barbecue plates and rotisseries, but also the entire supporting structure of the kitchen (with doors, sinks, cooking and food preparation surfaces, etc.) that is made of this important metal. The change is already arrived.