The new OF outdoorkitchens catalogue is online: discover it now

Space to dreams that become reality: the new OF outdoorkitchens catalogue is finally online, created specifically for customers who wish to learn more about outdoor kitchens, before buying one. Our outdoor kitchens are always “custom”, i.e. highly customizable. Why is having a custom kitchen the best solution? At least for five reasons. We explain them here.

Give real added value to your home

With a customised solution, you will guarantee a kitchen that is specially designed for the space in which you will live. All this will immediately bring added value to your home. A respectable investment, to which the installation of the barbecue also contributes. The barbecue culture is indeed growing and a fully functional kitchen that integrates perfectly with your interior design will make you admire by everyone: neighbours and friends.

You choose the design, from colour to finishes

While fixed units generally have very few limited choices of colour and finish, with a custom outdoor kitchen you will have the certainty of owning unique pieces. You can choose the finishes as you wish, for example, which have a big impact on the overall look of your outdoor kitchen. With a glossy finish your cabinets will reflect light, opening up your space, while a matt finish is the exact opposite, but gives a more modern and warmer feeling.

You can also customize your storage spaces

One question we are often asked by customers during the visits to our showroom is whether you can customize your storage space to suit your personal needs. Yes, of course you can. Do you like to store bottles of wine? Or do you like to keep rows of Instagram-worthy decorative drawers for your cutlery and utensils? These are things that can be designed when you have the advice of our designers. Because OF outdoor kitchens are known for being customized. Not just generic factory-produced units, but a completely customized space, 100% for you.

The furniture is made to measure

When designing a custom kitchen, you do it taking into account your space and what you need. It is that freedom of choice that represents the greatest attraction for a custom outdoor kitchen. In particular, if your kitchen has very large and open spaces, a pre-built unit with generic appliances may not be the answer. You know your home and you know better than any manufacturer what will work best for you. We always try to meet your needs.

More choice among outdoor appliances

Following the theme of freedom of choice, there is the possibility to compare, mix, match and choose the right appliances for your outdoor kitchen. In our new catalogue you will discover many combinations of appliances and design. Because not everyone is the same and not everyone has the same needs. By the way: let’s talk about the barbecue! We have customers who ask to fill just one metre of space, with the sole requirement of a barbecue and some furniture designed specifically to hold special items. Do you already have a barbecue or do you have one in particular? Both are easily incorporated into a design so as not to double and spend unnecessarily. We use barbecues as an example as this is the most common element used, however this can be applied to any appliance you already own or wish to incorporate.