The most expensive outdoor kitchens in the world: are you ready to dream?

It is no secret that we love outdoor kitchens and, as you well know if you follow this blog, we always carry out the idea that they are an environment that can be recreated in all outdoor spaces, including small ones, to suit all budges. However, there are some very expensive, truly dreamy outdoor kitchens, especially in the Southern States of the USA (Florida and Texas above all) and in the Caribbean, where the culture of outdoor kitchens is widely accepted in the upper class. So let’s see which are the most expensive outdoor kitchens on the real estate market right now. Are you ready to dream? Here they are.

Hualalai Resort in Kailua Kona, Hawaii

Distinguishing features: a breathtaking view of the Pacific Ocean that can be enjoyed from most rooms. The outdoor kitchen of this property overlooks the magnificent Hualalai golf course. The covered veranda is the plus of this villa, which has a large swimming pool and a kitchen worthy of a chef, complete with pizza wood oven, brazier and professional chef’s oven: the essential appliance in the kitchens of the best restaurants in the world.

Price: 34 million dollars.


144 Meadowlark Lane, Bridgehampton, New York

The ecological life becomes ultra-luxurious in this Bridgehampton green house designed by renowned New York architect Tommy Zung. References include an almost theatrical entrance, with reflecting pools, leather covered stairs and a lovely outdoor area with zen landscape gardens, a pool and a stainless steel kitchen under a panoramic shaded pergola. A real star!

Price: 18,9 million dollars

Info and photos here

Balada Street in Coral Gables, Florida

A contemporary house on the seafront of a luxurious gated community in Coral Gables, a place in Florida known as “the city of beauty”. The special feature of this property is that it has a pier which from the infinity pool leads directly to the sea and a wide outdoor area which includes a dining area and a large outdoor kitchen. The latter has stone walls, beautiful wood finishes, an Argentine style grill and there is a very large ultra-flat screen television to keep you entertained while you prepare gourmet dishes.

Price: it can be yours for 17,5 million dollars


681 Dragon Peak Drive, Henderson, Nevada

Let’s stay in United States and move to Nevada. This villa with very contemporary architecture and design was built in Henderson last year (2020). It overlooks the Strip (the famous road that leads to Las Vegas) and the Red Rock mountain range. There is a lot to be impressed with, even though the taste is very specific and cannot please everyone: the theme of neutral and serene colours, the indoor and outdoor lodge, the gym, the billiard room, the glass wine cellar, the bar and the office, also indoor and outdoor. The outdoor area is equally wonderful and includes a courtyard with a reflecting pool, two infinity pools, and a full kitchen area with a hibachi grill, a bar and a barbecue on the water.

Price: 12,5 million dollars.

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Grand Residence R-4, The Strand Providenciales, Turks e Caicos

We close with an outdoor kitchen located in a luxurious house in Turks and Caicos. Sustainably built with a solar energy system and energy efficient appliances, this estate is located in The Strand, an exclusive district of the Caribbean islands Turks and Caicos with oceanfront residences. The owners have access to services such as tennis and pickleball courts, a pool and a yoga terrace. Grand Residence R-4 includes a main house with a large hall leading to a terrace with an infinity pool and a kitchen with two grills with extensive indoor-outdoor equipment.

Price: 10 million dollars

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