The best outdoor appliances for outdoor kitchens

An outdoor kitchen should serve as a functional and elegant culinary space that friends and family can enjoy, day and night. Whether you are the self-proclaimed barbecue master or the king of tasters, the outdoor appliances for outdoor kitchens offer a high level of versatility that cannot be matched by a traditional indoor kitchen. Do not just think about the classic barbecue grill (the gold standard when it comes to outdoor cooking)! There are many other appliances available that will allow you to experiment with different ingredients and cooking techniques. Let’s see what are the best outdoor appliances.

Barbecue grill: a must when it comes to outdoor kitchen

If you follow our blog often you will have noticed! We at OF have a weakness for barbecues! No outdoor kitchen is complete without a professional BBQ. These kitchen tools vary in terms of fuel type, accessories, cooking characteristics and installation types, but whether you are a fan of gas or coal, the grill will handle most of your cooking needs.

If you are an expert grill technician, you might prefer a product with digital temperature controls, individual side burners, control probes and so on, but all these practical features make the cooking process much easier even for novice cooks. Size and installation are other important aspects to consider. If you cook often for a house with many guests, you may need a larger grill that can hold large amounts of hamburgers, ribs or vegetables. Clearly we at OF outdoorkitchens offer integrated BBQs that become one with the kitchen.

Outdoor fridge: the most advanced models are electronic

While an outdoor fridge was once regarded as an additional comfort, over time it has turned into a necessity in any outdoor kitchen layout. In addition to drinks, an outdoor fridge will be useful if you need to cool leftovers, store meats or condiments, and keep prepared food at a healthy temperature. Instead of rushing home every time you need an ingredient for your meal, you can keep everything you need at hand with the addition of a secondary outdoor fridge. The most modern ones are equipped with easy to use controls with touchscreen technology to precisely adjust temperatures and provide advanced cooling settings.

Warming oven: the most practical solution to keep the food warm

We have talked about keeping the food cool while cooking outdoors, but what do you do if you need to keep a dish warm? When you need to serve several courses at once, an integrated warming oven makes life in the kitchen much easier. You can keep prepared foods warm while continuing to cook the rest of the meal. The food will stay warm, but at a safe temperature: without drying out or burning. Warming ovens are often included in a traditional range for the home, but they are an equally outstanding addition to an outdoor cooking space and provide a stylish touch that will simplify the cooking process and the ability to host.

And to make a better decision about your outdoor kitchen, browse the new OF outdoorkitchens technical catalogue! A valuable tool to deepen the features of our kitchens, the market trends and the endless possibilities of modular compositions.