The bar in an outdoor kitchen: advantages and tips for installation

Today more than ever, consumers have a desire to create complete outdoor spaces that include facilities for cooking, dining, socializing and entertaining. Far from simple outdoor kitchens with grills, outdoor bartender stations continue to trend in the market. These stations typically include worktops and features such as an outdoor sink, fridge, wine cooler, ice maker. An outdoor kitchen bar is known for its convenience in serving drinks and entertaining guests. OF outdoorkitchens is the leading brand for any industry professional who wants to design a stainless steel bar station. The design flexibility of our products gives you the certainty of creating a beautiful and durable outdoor bar, with plenty of features.

Advantages of the outdoor kitchen bar

The undisputed advantages of being outdoors, we can all see, are unparalleled and include fresh air and sunshine. An outdoor space that also includes a bar has incomparable comfort for entertaining and socializing while enjoying these benefits. You can easily improve your lifestyle by designing an outdoor kitchen bar for a courtyard or patio, with a great variety of amenities. If your space allows, including a grill, storage room and workspace will improve performance and functionality.

Position and arrangement

Position is one of the most important features of your bartending station plans. The most popular choices for outdoor bars include decks, courtyards, rooftops and even balconies. Generally, a bar that includes more amenities can be placed further away from your indoor kitchen. The most common layouts for bartender stations are straight paths and L-shaped designs. However, U-shaped designs are often more common in kitchens that have a grill and require additional space for food preparation. Our furniture can be configured in virtually any size, shape and design that suits your space. Browse our gallery for some inspiration.

Function and Requirements

Before making a final decision, remember that the function and requirements of your outdoor bar are important elements to consider. Some outdoor kitchen bars work exclusively as bartender stations, while others are more inclusive. The latter could incorporate a grill, a removable basket, and so on. You should also consider adding other features, such as a seating area for outdoor dining. Our layout options also simplify the integration of a separate seating area or the design of a bar adjacent to the pool.

Appliances and services

The minimum requirements for a bartending station are a fridge and a sink. As mentioned before, some bartending stations include kitchen appliances and other features. To set up your bar, we recommend sink and bartender furniture. Most outdoor living spaces should have plenty of space and a bar is no exception. Storage eliminates the need to go back and forth from the home kitchen for accessories, keeping your items organized and within easy reach. Our cabinets are excellent options for storage.

Colour and style

The colour and style of your outdoor bar are two important options. Some revive the interior design, while others choose a bold new design. The colour of the powder coating and the style of the door are both opportunities to enhance your outdoor space. OF outdoorkitchens offers the customer a palette of design finishes to suit all tastes. We also have a range of finishes to match with outdoor furniture. Our styles meet a variety of individual preferences. Come and visit us in our showroom, so you can see for yourself.