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Splashback Riser for Outdoor Kitchens: Ideas for You

Surely you already know that a kitchen splashback consists of a section of material (for example, tiles, stone, bricks) that extends vertically from the kitchen countertop. It can cover the entire wall behind the units or be a decorative element several centimeters high. A splashback riser serves a functional purpose because it can protect the wall behind the sink. It can also serve aesthetic purposes. But what material should a splashback be made of? Let’s see.

The material of the splashback must always be durable

Although a variety of materials can be used, the one chosen for the outdoor kitchen splashback should be durable. We at OF outdoorkitchens recognize the importance of the final touches to your outdoor kitchen to make it uniquely yours. We produce outdoor kitchens in stainless steel that offer you the freedom to incorporate the splashback material of your choice. This way, your choice will contribute to enhancing the aesthetics of your outdoor living space.

Reasons to include a riser in your outdoor kitchen

A splashback riser in your outdoor kitchen can serve multiple purposes, from functional to visual. Depending on the aesthetics you wish to achieve, you can design the splashback of your outdoor kitchen using a variety of materials. Many of them can be suitable for applying an outdoor riser, with the purpose of protecting the wall behind the sink. However, you should be careful with flammable and porous materials near cooking appliances and sinks. Use qualities like color, texture, shape, and design to your advantage for fun and functional solutions. Another reason to consider a splashback is that it prevents objects from falling off the back of the countertop. Additionally, a riser with supports and countertop material can accompany your outdoor kitchen bar. With this convenient setup, you can easily entertain your guests with outdoor dinners and drinks.

Some of the most popular materials for splashbacks

A brick or thin veneer stone riser offers various styles, textures, and colors. Stone is available in a variety of finishes depending on the aesthetics you are looking for. Choosing a thin and veneered stone is the best option so that your riser is not a jagged and protruding surface. Then there’s the option of tiles or porcelain stoneware. It is a tried and tested choice. Coordinate the color of your kitchen with the riser for a cohesive and elegant space. However, it should be said that although tiles are easy to clean, they tend to break. Therefore, replacement or the use of suitable grout for outdoor use might be necessary. For a bold look to your outdoor kitchen splashback, you can incorporate colored glass tiles in beautiful mosaics. Choose colors that contrast with the powder coating tone for a stunning appeal. Or opt for complementary shades for a cohesive space.

Countertop Material

A creative possibility for the splashback is to extend the countertop material to it. In this way, you will create a seamless look for your outdoor kitchen. Finally: extended back panels. These can be used to create a riser that can also serve as a bar seat. The extended back panel can be powder-coated to match the rest of your furniture and achieve a finished backsplash. You could then apply the material of your choice to the front, such as tiles, thin stone, glass, or countertop material.