Show cooking? Yes, but in the perfect outdoor kitchen

The latest trend in home entertainment, for those who have an outdoor kitchen or are thinking of installing one, is show cooking. This is a real performance by a cook, a chief, but also the host who may be good in the kitchen. A dish is cooked “live” showing its steps to the guests, who will then eat it and compliment it (or not!). However, no self-respecting show cooking can exist without an equipped and well-designed outdoor kitchen. Let’s see then some design and layout ideas for next summer.

The material suitable for the kitchen site and the modular mode

Whether in the city, in the garden or near the pool, outdoor kitchens are the centre of every party among friends and family. No wonder then that we at OF outdoorkitchens have made it a passion, before a job. We know well by now that in addition to steel, which is the material we prefer for outdoor kitchens, there are also stone, stoneware, wood and corian, which must be adapted and used according to the surrounding landscape. The important thing in an outdoor kitchen is still to have everything at hand without having to go back and forth between indoors and outdoors. In this regard, to bring the quality of professional kitchens outside, we recommend the modular kitchens. If you are passionate about this world, you will know that they are composed of a gas hob, grill hobs, a sink and storage and food compartments, in order to be customizable and weatherproof thanks to the use of stainless steel.

Passionate about design? Choose an island kitchen

If, instead, you are design-conscious, the island kitchen is perfect for you. Available in different versions and models, this type of kitchen is made of Aisi 316 stainless steel and equipped with materials and technical devices that allow optimal moisture resistance and a good degree of thermal insulation. You can also opt for stainless steel variants combined with Paperstone, an ecological material made from recycled paper fibres and natural resins, and iroko wood. Customization is our watchword, which is why we always create custom-made kitchens. OF outdoor kitchens can in fact be customised with any material and colour, such as steel in different variants. Finally, if you like the fusion style, you could opt for the mixture of regular volumes and large flat surfaces, perhaps with a structure made of metal, aluminium and stainless steel, with a hob made of large stoneware slabs. This type of kitchen not only allows you to cook, but also to have lunch in the open air.

Economic solutions? Focus on grills and barbecues!

For those looking for cheaper solutions, but who do not want to compromise on quality and functionality, the solution lies in high-end grills and barbecues, perfect for quick and easy outdoor cooking. Grills and barbecues are ideal for those who want to experience this type of cooking in all its forms, from the classic hamburger to grilled meat and vegetables. Ultimately, outdoor kitchens represent an innovative and fun way to experience the outdoor space of your home, making it possible to organize dinners and lunches in company without having to sacrifice the quality and comfort of indoor kitchens. Choosing a high-end outdoor kitchen can guarantee not only functionality and durability, but also a unique and custom design that blends perfectly with the surrounding landscape. Stop by our showroom, choose the kitchen that best suits your needs and turn the garden or terrace into a place of conviviality and relaxation!