Outdoor ovens, grills and barbecues: how to choose?

You decided to install an outdoor kitchen with 100% stainless steel furniture from OF outdoorkitchens and now you are ready to select your outdoor appliances and barbecue accessories. With the wide range of brands and products available on the market, how do you know which ones best suit your lifestyle? We tell you: read on to discover the best outdoor kitchen appliances and accessories for your outdoor entertainment space!

Natural gas barbecue

As you may already imagine, natural gas barbecue, and even propane barbecues, are the most usual choice when it comes to deciding for the grills of an outdoor kitchen. There are many brands to choose from, all compatible with our outdoor kitchens. This type of barbecue is however indispensable if you want the traditional style barbecue in the garden.

Kamado or Big Green Egg barbecue

Many homeowners with outdoor kitchens require instead the Kamado barbecue in addition to or in place of natural gas grills. These types of barbecues, also known as “Big Egg”, are great for those who love the infused flavours of oak and walnut and are particularly suitable for summer barbecues on the veranda or terrace, with a country touch. We have already talked in another article about this type of barbecue, quite revolutionary in its cooking method. It is in fact made of ceramic and is able to confer a unique taste to an infinite number of dishes, from meat to fish and vegetables, up to bread and pizza. The Big Green Egg, above all, uses a precise cooking control system that includes an airtight chamber with a patented airflow system that gives you total control.

Gas side burners 

With the increasing trend of bringing the interiors even outdoors, more and more outdoor kitchens are designed with practicality in mind and are equipped with the best outdoor appliances on the market. Gas side burners (i.e. positioned on the sides of the barbecue) allow home chefs to prepare an entire meal without having to set foot inside the house. While the meat browns on the grill, the side burners can be used to sauté the vegetables and cook many appetizing side dishes. You can also use the side burners to create excellent fish dishes at low temperature directly at your home, as in the restaurant.

Pizza ovens and more 

Are you a pizza connoisseur and is it inconceivable for you to have an outdoor kitchen without an oven to prepare them? Then consider adding a wood burning pizza oven to the layout of your outdoor kitchen. Or you can also follow the more traditional route and install a gas or electric oven. However, ovens are perfect for outdoor kitchens because, like the side burner, allow you to prepare a full meal without having to go back and forth to your indoor kitchen. As a result, you can enjoy the company of family and friends without having to interrupt a pleasant conversation. After all, creating a fully functional and luxury outdoor kitchen also means including a variety of outdoor appliances and services.


Our goal at OF outdoorkitchens is to provide factual information on relevant topics to help customers make informed decisions about their outdoor living spaces. Come and take a look at our kitchens in the showroom, or view our online catalogue.