Outdoor kitchens – why they are a great investment for your pocket

If you have ever cooked some food in the oven in the summer months, especially in July and August, you know that it is almost impossible not to overheat your kitchen! Then you end up turning on the air conditioning or the fan. Consequence? Cooking indoors in the summer can make the energy bills skyrocket, even if the thermostat is only lowered by a couple of degrees. The solution? Invest in an outdoor kitchen and solve all your problems in this regard! So, let’s find out why outdoor kitchens are the ideal choice to save money (despite what people say).

The first advantage: the interiors of the house do not overheat

One of the advantages of an outdoor kitchen includes the fact that enclosed spaces do not overheat. In an outdoor kitchen, in fact, the heat of the grill dissipates quickly into the air, and the shade and a light breeze are usually sufficient to keep your guests cool. In addition, you can count on saving on bills, since in this way you keep the kitchen oven switched off at home. Cooking outdoors, as well as a joy for conviviality and relaxation, therefore reduces energy consumption in your home and will save you money.

You will also save on takeaway food and restaurants

You will no longer be tempted to overspend on expensive steakhouses once you fine-tune your skills as a barbecue expert in your outdoor kitchen. Of course, sometimes it is a pleasure to go out and have dinner, but many people can end up eating at restaurants almost every day of the week without realizing it! Look at it this way: the more you eat in your garden, the more money you save. Think of it this way: each meal eaten at home is extra money in your pocket. Not only you will be able to create mouth-watering dishes at a fraction of the cost of those in restaurants, but with an outdoor kitchen you can enjoy an atmosphere unmatched in most outdoor venues and know what ingredients you are feeding on.

Enough with the smells of cooked at home for days!

When you cook indoors, you run the risk that the smells will remain for days in the house or on furniture and clothes. Although the smell of cooked food increases our appetite and adds a lived-in touch to the culinary experience, some aromas (we think of garlic, fish, broccoli and even some spices) tend to persist longer than we would like. Luckily, your outdoor kitchen will let those strong smells go away while you cook and keep the clean scent of your home intact.

Customize and create the outdoor kitchen of your dreams thanks to OF outdoorkitchens

The chances that the house you bought is accompanied by an outdoor kitchen, as you always wanted, are very low. Even if you have designed and built your home, it may not have been included in your budget, at the time, to create the outdoor kitchen you dreamed of. Instead, OF outdoorkitchens gives you the opportunity to customize and create a very comfortable kitchen space without the limitations of an indoor space. For instance, you can choose the grill, worktops and appliances to add to your unique layout. We can also design with you spaces that include an outdoor bar with built in drink containers and freezer, a fridge, fully stocked cupboard, a sink, a dishwasher and a mixer, and even, if you wish, a customized seating area with an outdoor TV.

Take a look at our online catalogue and choose the outdoor kitchen made specially to meet all your specific needs.