Outdoor kitchens on a budget? Here is how with OF outdoorkitchens

An outdoor kitchen can be an excellent alternative to beautify your garden or terrace and create an outdoor space that you, your family and your guests will love. These places are perfect for barbecues and small summer parties and can be a great resource, for example, to celebrate a birthday.. The only obstacle to overcome is the preconception that outdoor kitchens can be quite expensive. Actually, for most of our customers building an outdoor kitchen on a budget is a must, so it is entirely possible! All you need is careful planning and a little creativity. We at OF outdoorkitchens can certainly help you, thanks to our team of designers. Here though we give you a few ideas.

How can you build an outdoor kitchen on a budget

One of the best ways to build an outdoor kitchen on a budget is to combine steel with reclaimed materials such as wood or stone and recycled bricks. They are cheaper than new materials and better for the environment. As long as you do not care too much that your kitchen has the most avant-garde style, you will have a great choice of materials to use in your space. The other thing to focus on is less expensive furniture. Although many people choose matching sets, these can often become expensive. Buying separate furniture and not in sets you will have the opportunity to spend less. The same goes for affordable planters and lights, which will add the right atmosphere to your outdoor space.

Choose the barbecue grill carefully

Buying an already prefabricated outdoor grill will help avoid the cost of customized installations. Your grill will be ready for use and there are many options to choose from! Another cost saving is the use of propane to fuel the grills instead of natural gas, as gas and electricity in your outdoor kitchen increase costs. Keep in mind that even if you are buying a prefabricated grill, we advise you to opt for one that is a little more expensive but that works still within your budget. After all, if you have to replace the grill once a year, it will cost you more in the long run than if you invest a little more upfront in a high-quality grill.

Other furniture and seating

If you are looking for a bar chair, you can opt for a fabric chair (such as a director’s chair) with removable and washable cover. In case of accidents, stains, spills or dirt, you can clean the covers and do not have to worry about replacing the entire piece of furniture. You will also have to remember to bring your furniture inside the house during the winter weather so that snow, rain and ice do not cause damage. When it comes to tables and chairs on a budget, you can also choose mismatched furniture.. Your outdoor kitchen will have a more eclectic feel if you have different chairs and tables for everyone to use, and this will make it interesting from the point of view of style. Moreover, tables and chairs can be easily replaced, when maybe after some time you will decide to opt for a matching furniture.

Plan the future of your outdoor kitchen

Therefore, selecting tricks such as mismatched furniture and prefabricated grills, you can create your outdoor kitchen without making a huge investment. Especially if you are not trying to stay in one place for a long time, but you are prone to change home often, choosing more easily replaceable and movable items will allow you to save for your future and eventually build the outdoor kitchen of your dreams in your new home.