Outdoor kitchens become a social trend in summer 2022

With the early arrival of summer this year (in some places have already been exceeded the 35 degrees in June) it is natural to move to the outdoor kitchen first and immediately start the season of barbecues and outdoor dinners in one’s own home. The interesting news of recent weeks is that moving from the indoor kitchen to one’s own outdoor kitchen is becoming more and more trendy. This was discovered by several brands of kitchen-related products that, out of curiosity, went to take a look at the trend topics of outdoor design on the Internet, and especially on social media. That’s what came out.

Some indicative data on search engines like Google and social networks like Tik Tok

It started, basically, by probing search and social media metrics to find out the most searched kitchen requests so far this year. And if these data are indicative, consumers are eager to expand the possibilities of where the kitchen can extend. According to the results of this research, therefore, outdoor kitchens are really the most searched kitchen trend of 2022, so far. The desire to cook outside the four walls of our houses inspired 2.18 million annual Google searches, 71,7 million views of related TikTok videos (that’s right) and almost 0,5 million uses of the phrase as an Instagram hashtag, for a composite “trend score” of 9,65 out of a possible 10.

A global phenomenon, from Europe to the United States

One might think that this is a temporary data, actually this trend has been going on for a few years now, and not only in Italy and Europe. If you look at the numbers cited, for example, by the American Institute of Architects, you will notice that the outdoor cooking areas were already considered a remarkable trend in 2017, years before TikTok became one of the main social platforms. Then add to this the attitude of people, caused by the global Covid pandemic, towards outdoor meetings over the last two and more years, and here the continuity of the trend topic is explained.

And here is specifically what is most researched on the net

The top ten trends mainly include a number of noteworthy aesthetic desires or key materials. See, for example, the interest in retro kitchens (score 8.40/10), marble kitchens (8.06/10) and herringbone floors (7.99/10), each of which can act as a starting point that shapes a kind of path for what can be considered a kitchen makeover. In terms of other design themes attracting interest, modern kitchens (87 million Tik Tok views) and steel kitchens (2.3 million Instagram hashtags) captured considerable attention this year. At the bottom of the top 10, however, things get a little more functional. Open plan kitchens (7,85/10) inspired 16.2 million TikTok views, while smart appliances (7,36/10) collected another 10,6 million. The interest in smart appliances can be traced back to the interest in outdoor kitchens, as connected gadgets ranging from smokers to LED lighting can play a role in the outdoor food preparation process. And even if no two kitchen redesign projects are the same, keeping an eye on what is trending can provide a useful window into what might be on the mind of a future customer.