Outdoor kitchens and the winning design for the summer season: here are the summer trends

Summer at last! The 21st of June, the day of the Solstice, is the official start of the summer season, made up of meetings, conviviality, dinners and outdoor gatherings. Here then outdoor environments are the protagonists, as well as outdoor kitchens. This is underlined by all interior designers who are currently working on projects for outdoor spaces. What are the trends for the coming summer months? We did a little research and, magically, design rewards once again outdoor kitchens as the first choice in luxury furniture.

An outdoor kitchen is a must for design in 2021

Yes, an outdoor kitchen is really becoming a must-have for this summer! In fact, owning an outdoor kitchen is still trending in the major search engines (Google in the lead) and it is at the top of everyone’s wish list this season. This is according to all the most important designers (one for all, Savannah Phillips of the American giant The Knobs Company): “People spend all day in their home office and when the clock marks the end of the working hours, it is time to run outside and do some grilling”, she firmly says. By the way, an outdoor kitchen can be used not only as a kitchen but also as a real entertainment area, especially if bar stools or a dining set are added. Moreover, it is not by chance that more than 70% of designers in the United States and Australia have indicated outdoor kitchens as their main project for this summer. The aim is to reach these numbers in Europe and Italy as well.

The advancing trend: steel furniture

A further outdoor trend that is coming in this season (always taking into account the research done by online users) is the attraction towards steel furniture, which has grown in recent months. There is definitely a desire for minimalism and practicality that is expressed through steel furniture. A single texture, a single colour, simple and linear shapes, ease of use and cleaning, maximum hygiene. In other words: a steel outdoor kitchen is timeless and a safe choice, in contrast to some of the more fashionable outdoor pieces made of wood, fabric or concrete. Because of its versatility, neutrality and ability to withstand all weather conditions, while maintaining that pristine look, steel furniture will be a trend for a long time to come.

A kitchen surrounded by greenery for cheerful barbecues

Needless to say (as we have also seen in the articles of the last weeks) that the real protagonist of an outdoor kitchen is the barbecue. Whether it is a grill, wood, charcoal or American barbecue, nobody does without grilling on beautiful summer evenings. Especially if your outdoor kitchen is set in a beautiful garden where you can place tables, chairs and armchairs, the barbecue is a perfect choice. However, be careful to get good advice on which grill and BBQ to choose, in type and size.
We suggest you to ask yourself three questions in order to find out the right size:

  1. How many people do you usually grill for?

  2. What is the maximum number of people you grill for?

  3. How often do you plan to grill for the maximum number of people?

However, we are happy to answer any questions you may have and the request for a quote for an outdoor kitchen. You can find all our contact details in the Contacts section.