Outdoor kitchens and home investment: how to increase the value of your property

Maybe you did not think about it when you bought and installed your outdoor kitchen (and if you are considering buying one, you should be aware of this): an outdoor kitchen adds financial and social value to your property. Let’s see how this is possible and, in particular, which spaces add value to your outdoor environments.

The investment in your home can increase up to 30%

Market research on outdoor kitchens owners who then resold their property has shown how much an outdoor kitchen in the house can add financial value to the latter. For example, a luxury outdoor kitchen increases the value of a home by around 30%. Obviously, if you are furnishing your house at best, it does not mean that you want to resell it. However, if it should happen, you will have a very high return on your investment. All this to say that when you think that a luxury outdoor kitchen is an expense just for a whim, you are wrong: actually, you are investing in your future.

What are the aspects of an outdoor kitchen that increase the value of your home?

The presence of an outdoor kitchen in your home already indicates the high value of the property, especially if we are talking about kitchens of popular designers or brands with an international reputation. The material with which the outdoor kitchen is made and the presence of all amenities in the environment in which it is placed also play a major role. Let’s take an example: if, next to your outdoor kitchen, there are also areas dedicated to entertaining guests, this can only be a plus of all respect. Moreover, if the kitchen is not a “simple” kitchen limited to the kitchenette but also has a sink, dishwasher and storage units, then we are talking about a real bonus given by your personal taste and style. It is not to be underestimated, finally, the wood-burning module with steel perimeter for indirect cooking. Much less known to most, it increases the value of your home and makes it enviable to anyone who comes to view the property.

The most popular environments among practitioners

Let’s now take a closer look at which are the most popular environments among property owners, along with the outdoor kitchens:

  • Swimming pool near the outdoor kitchen: this is one of the most sought-after additions to the value of a luxury house. The possibility of cooking, eating and taking a swim in the pool at home is really incomparable!
  • Outdoor kitchen with adjoining bar: a very trendy choice, very much in line with Californian or Mediterranean houses by the sea. The best bottles of wines and drinks on display, a corner with seating and a view of your outdoor kitchen.
  • Barbecue area adjacent to the kitchen: this is another very important detail to increase the value of your house. The possibility of giving life to barbecues in the company is seen by everyone as very attractive. Better yet if an outdoor dining area is added next to the barbecue, with a table, chairs and everything you need to eat.
  • Presence of TV or other accessories: a perfect choice for adding value to your outdoor entertainment. It is immediately appreciated because it evokes relaxation and the possibility of spending time together even after eating.