Outdoor kitchens and home: how to increase the value of your property

Maybe you did not think about it when you bought your house: an outdoor kitchen adds financial but also social value to your property, because of – this latter – a better “positioning” of the people who live there (comfort, ergonomics on a “human scale”, ecc.). Let’s see how this is possible and, in particular, which spaces and elements add value to your outdoor areas.

The investment in your home can increase by up to 30%

Market research on owners of outdoor kitchens – who then resold their property – has shown that an outdoor kitchen can add financial value to the house. In particular, a luxury outdoor kitchen increases the value of a villa with garden of around 30%. Obviously, if you are furnishing your house at your best, it does not mean that you want to resell it; but if it should happen, this way you will have a very high return on investment. All this to say that when you think that a luxury outdoor kitchen is an expense for the whims of the wealthy, you are wrong: you are actually investing in your future.

What are the aspects of an outdoor kitchen that increase the value of your home?

The presence of an outdoor kitchen in your home is already an indication of the high value of the property, especially if we are talking about kitchens produced and marketed by internationally renowned brands. The material in which the outdoor kitchen is made and the presence of all comforts in the environment in which it is placed also play an important role. Let’s take an example: if there are also spaces for entraining guests next to your outdoor kitchen, this can only be a respectable plus. In addition, if the kitchen is not a “simple” kitchen limited to the kitchenette but also has a sink, a dishwasher and storage furniture, then we are talking about a real bonus conferred by your personal taste and style. Lastly, do not underestimate the importance of an extractor hood, that is necessary for airflow and ventilation to remove smoke, grease and other toxins produced by cooking. Including one in an enclosed or partially enclosed space is important for safety and to increase the value of your home.

The most popular environments by professionals

Now let’s see, specifically, what are the most popular environments in real estates, in addition to outdoor kitchens:

  • Pool: this is one of the most sought-after plus to increase the value of a luxury house. The possibility to cook, eat and take a swim in the pool at home is really incomparable!
  • Outdoor kitchen with bar: a really trendy choice, that is very much in line with Californian or Mediterranean beach houses. The best wines and drinks displayed in bottle, a corner with seating and a view of your outdoor kitchen.
  • Barbecue area adjacent to the kitchen: this is another very important detail in increasing the price of your home. The possibility to give life to barbecues in the company is seen by all as very attractive. It is even better if an outdoor dining area is added next to the barbecue, with a table, chairs and everything you need to eat.
  • Presence of TV or other accessories: a perfect choice to add value to your outdoor entertainment. It is immediately appreciated because it evokes relaxation and the possibility to be in company even after eating.

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