Outdoor kitchens and forecasts for 2023: what will change?

This is the time of year when markets turn their attention to the upcoming buying season. Many producers, entrepreneurs and buyers are already wondering whether the demand for outdoor living spaces, fueled by the pandemic, will continue in 2023. According to economic forecasts, the answer points to an optimistic “yes”. Let’s see why and what the trends will be for this year that started a few days ago.

We are looking for multifunctional and at the same time green friendly outdoor spaces

In a recent American blog, the Association of Home Builders references a survey that tries to predict continued interest in outdoor spaces for both homeowners and buyers. Well, according to the results of this survey, the wish list for outdoor living areas has transformed far beyond a large green courtyard, with consumers looking to create multifunctional outdoor spaces that connect them with nature while also offering traditionally interiors such as kitchens, fireplaces and comfortable seating. The US trends must be taken into account because it is from there that the main trends in this sector are born, which then also arrive in Italy.

Consumer interest in outdoor spaces remains strong

The first two years of the pandemic (2020-2021) were very challenging for all commercial sectors, but for those who, like us at OF outdoorkitchens, deal with outdoor kitchens, there has been a certain increase in commercial attention. All the people who were staying at home during that time, focused more on their properties and invested money in arranging both indoor and outdoor spaces. Because of this, our industry has seen a dramatic increase in business and sales. With such a wide variety of products and materials available that are made for outdoor use, the consumer now has a seemingly infinite number of options to choose from. And then, what happened in 2022?

Generation Z is the most attentive in terms of outdoor spaces for design

According to another 2022 Furniture Today survey, 68% of consumers have an outdoor entertaining space with patios topping the list, followed by open decks and porches. It’s not little. Generation Z, the youngest demographic tracked, put outdoor furniture at the top of their shopping list, with 47% investing in individual seating, 40% buying group seating and 43% buying tables. Millennial respondents were the top buyers of dining sets, outdoor lighting and rugs. Apparently, therefore, there is no problem of relegation in the popularity of outdoor kitchens.

New more sustainable and environmentally friendly materials

As for the materials of the next outdoor kitchens, we can say that the “traditional” ones such as wood and stone, mainly inspired by nature, are joining new trends, such as eco-friendly ones. Sustainability is becoming increasingly important to consumers, who are increasingly informed. Next year we will then see a greater prevalence of sustainable and, if possible, recycled materials. This also applies to metals such as steel. Geometric motifs and abstract designs may be present in some trendy outdoor spaces, while accessories such as built-in lighting systems, cooking grills and integrated sinks will be increasingly essential for a functional and captivating outdoor kitchen.

At OF outdoorkitchens, we offer a wide range of customized options to suit customers’ needs, from the materials used to the unique design. By choosing OF outdoorkitchens you can be sure of having an outdoor kitchen that is not only beautiful but also durable and functional.