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Outdoor Kitchens and Design: Here’s a Small Guide for You

To assist you in designing and laying out your outdoor kitchen, we’ve put together a design guide where you can read tips on layouts, appliances, outdoor seating, and more.

Questions to Ask Before Designing

An important consideration for your outdoor kitchen’s design is the placement of your furniture. You can more easily decide on the location of your outdoor kitchen if you have a clear idea. Here are some questions you might ask yourself, for example: is the area level? Well, we tell you that for the best results, your area should be as level as possible. Then: how close will your outdoor kitchen be to your indoor kitchen? If the outdoor kitchen is close to the indoor one, you might not need as many amenities in your outdoor space. Also: will your outdoor kitchen be covered or uncovered? A covered outdoor kitchen will have different maintenance needs compared to a kitchen exposed to the elements. Location is important, so we recommend evaluating your individual needs before choosing an area to install your outdoor kitchen.

Required Services and Various Types of Layouts

The utilities included in your project will depend on your outdoor cooking and entertainment needs, as well as the size and limitations of your space. Many outdoor kitchens include features such as gas, water, and electricity for all-in-one functionality. Consider factors like adding plumbing for water, water filtration, gas line needs, and electrical outlets. Identifying in advance the requirements of what you need will ensure a smoother design process. Regarding types of layouts keep in mind that:

  • Straight-line layouts are great for decks, balconies, or other smaller spaces where size limits are an issue;
  • L-shaped outdoor kitchens are one of the most flexible options. This layout is also commonly found in indoor kitchens, as they make the most of work and storage space;
  • More suited to larger spaces, U-shaped outdoor kitchens are very useful for cooking and entertaining.

All Appliances and How to Choose Them

Appliances are an important addition to any outdoor kitchen. Each appliance has its own considerations for functionality in the overall layout. Keep in mind placement, distances, and manufacturer specifications when deciding on your appliances. Appliance cabinets and grill cabinets can accommodate nearly all kitchen appliances and outdoor grills. For entertainment and convenience, consider the utility of refrigerators, wine coolers, and ice makers, sinks, and trash receptacles.

Solutions for Storage and Entertainment

OF Outdoorkitchens offers a variety of storage solutions, such as base cabinets, wall cabinets, islands, hanging shelves, and tall cabinets. Our base cabinets are available in multiple configurations: full-height door, door/drawer, and multi-drawer. These options give you the freedom to store cooking essentials like utensils, pots, and pans. Our wall cabinets are perfect for storing items like glasses and dishes. But an outdoor living space is incomplete without a seating area. If you are looking to incorporate seating into the layout of your outdoor kitchen, you can consider solutions for bar height, counter height, and cooktop height. There are solutions that allow you to incorporate bar-height seating with counter support in your outdoor kitchen. These solutions will help you design the perfect seating arrangement, all while considering height and spacing.

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