Outdoor kitchen with island configuration: the advantages for space and socialization

One of the most popular outdoor kitchen configurations is to include an island, as it offers plenty of counter space for preparing, cooking and entertaining. Including an island barbecue in your project is particularly valuable for smaller outdoor spaces, as it allows you to easily add extra space. Let’s see what the advantages of such a configuration are and how to apply it to all living circumstances.

Advantages of an outdoor kitchen with an island barbecue

The design of an outdoor kitchen with an island can be of great value for the convenience during the preparation, cooking of food and socialization among guests or between the cook and his/her guests. In fact, an island offers plenty of workspace on both sides of your cooking appliance, giving you ample room for movement when preparing food. For an all-in-one functional space, include other amenities in your island, such as a sink, fridge and storage room. This configuration, as we have just said, also offers a greater communication and entertainment advantage. Taking advantage of features such as bar seating and an outdoor bartender station, you and your guests can easily interact while dinner is prepared and cooked.

Possible solutions for this type of layout ​​​​​​​

OF outdoorkitchens’ steel furniture, in 304 and 316 steel variants, is available in many models and sizes in order to create a variety of island barbecue solutions for a completely customized result that suits your environment. You can choose from many varieties of steel and powder colour processing, so as to have a low maintenance and a greater beauty, in addition to a selection of accessories, barbecues and many modular solutions. We offer layouts for traditional furniture, modular kitchens and our innovative design system, to provide solutions for your barbecue island needs. To experience a truly versatile outdoor kitchen, our steel furniture can accommodate virtually all outdoor appliances on the market. Our solutions also consider the presence of appliances and amenities such as sink, bins, fridge and more to create a fully functional island barbecue. For a beautiful and seamless island application. Moreover, we can also extend the back panels of your outdoor kitchen to accommodate bar seating and for your entertainment space.

At OF outdoorkitchens we strive every day to innovate the trends of the kitchen world ​​​​​​​

We at OF outdoorkitchens strive day after day to innovate and change trends in the outdoor living market. Far from the stuccoed islands of the past, our stainless steel furniture, both natural and with special effects (such as delabré) or painted, give those who buy an outdoor kitchen the freedom to include an island barbecue in their project with a good looks finished on all sides. Above all, we offer a variety of solutions for the needs of the barbecue island and for outdoor cooking area in general. Come and see them all in our showroom, where you can also talk to one of our designers, who will recommend the best solutions suitable for your home.