Outdoor kitchen on a platform? Here is what you need to know

When one decides to create an outdoor kitchen in one’s available outdoor space, one of the fundamental questions to be asked is: “Where to put it?” Most people answer this question by installing the outdoor kitchen in the courtyard, garden or patio. However, it can happen that the only space available is that of a platform. Can an outdoor kitchen be installed on a platform? Yes, but you have to know some things about it.

Careful planning needed

Actually, to be honest, outdoor kitchens on the platforms are becoming fashionable in outdoor living areas. However, the addition of an outdoor kitchen design to a platform layout requires careful planning, as an outdoor space can be limited. It must therefore be enhanced by ad hoc design. Whether it is a raised floor, multilevel or platform, placing the outdoor kitchen on a structure like this has its advantages, even in the same courtyard or patio. Stainless steel outdoor kitchens are a lightweight option that offers a wide variety of configurations. They can also be installed in smaller spaces, such as a platform, precisely, or take centre stage.

Let’s look at what you will have to consider, in detail

Here then, in detail, the aspects you will have to take into account when you decide to install your outdoor kitchen on a platform or raised floor, perhaps made of wood or another material.


  • Weight limit: If you have a platform or raised floor in your outdoor area, it is essential to consult a surveyor or an engineer to determine the load capacity of the platform itself. The aim is to avoid any sagging, so you should carefully assess what you will place on that platform: the outdoor kitchen, furniture, outdoor bar, pizza oven and other facilities. This applies in general to all types of new construction, especially outdoors.
  • Facilities: Once you have determined which facilities you want to equip yourself with, you will have to decide on their placement (under the platform or floor, for example, or along the support beams). Remember to take account of gas for grills and burners, plumbing for a sink, and electricity that will be needed for a mini fridge, an electric wine cellar, lights, television or sound system.

Choose stainless steel for your outdoor kitchen on the platform

The design of a stainless steel kitchen is light enough to be placed on a platform and can be very easy to handle, as well as basic. A short series of cabinets and countertops with a built-in grill to mirror the homeowner’s indoor kitchen can be a design idea. Moreover, stainless steel outdoor kitchens keep the heat away from the platform or riser, so they do not require any other material inserts.

Sustainable and recyclable, stainless steel is known to have many advantages

We will never tire of repeating it: stainless steel is the best material for an outdoor kitchen. We also always say this to all our customers in the showroom, when they ask us the reasons for this choice. Here they are listed:


  • Low maintenance costs;
  • Extreme durability;
  • 100% recyclability;
  • Fire and corrosion resistance;
  • Material safety data;
  • Minimal emissions;
  • Lightness;
  • Versatile design possibilities.


Remember, the design solution for the outdoor kitchen should be the one that offers aesthetics, performance and value at the same time. If you are looking for more information on outdoor kitchen design, contact us at OF outdoorkitchens, or come and see us directly on site, and visit our showroom.