Outdoor Kitchen Appliances

Outdoor Kitchen Appliances: Essential for Any Outdoor Space

Material, color, and layout are important characteristics for the design of outdoor kitchens. Yet the arrangement of your outdoor cooking space largely depends on the size and shape of the garden, patio, or terrace, as well as entertainment needs. Today’s appliances for outdoor kitchens include everything from a grill, a barbecue, to a swimming pool adjacent to your cooking area/station. When your project includes appliances and other furnishings, you can easily add functionality and convenience to your living space. Let’s see how.

Kitchen Appliances

A dedicated cooking space wouldn’t be complete without the tools to cook. Outdoor kitchen grills (BBQ) tend to be the best choice for their flexibility and variety of sizes. Our cabinets can accommodate almost all grills, with customized finishing kits and ideal storage space for gas grills. Other common cooking appliances include smokers, electric burners, or pizza ovens. Like grills, we produce a line of appliance furniture, which stands out from other brands because they can safely accommodate kitchen appliances that weigh quite a bit.

Refrigerator, Sink, and Trash Bin

Since our outdoor kitchens are designed to mirror the function of indoor kitchens, we acknowledge the value of practical accessories. For the value of the kitchen and entertainment, outdoor refrigeration is an absolute must. Choose from a variety of appliance models, including those with lacquered panels, which match the rest of your kitchen. As with indoor kitchens, an outdoor kitchen sink is a useful addition for meal preparation and cleanup afterward. Remember that while easily overlooked, having a trash cabinet in your outdoor kitchen is a smart idea for keeping your workspace tidy.


At OF outdoorkitchens, we are no strangers to storage. Our traditional base cabinets, wall cabinets, and islands are perfect solutions for all your storage needs. You can choose from various door and drawer configurations for plenty of space and organization. To store items hidden behind elegant full-height fronts, explore our outdoor furniture collections.

Bar Corner and Pool

Outdoor spaces aren’t just about the kitchen. Entertainment is a valuable advantage for any backyard, roof, or patio. A bartending center is a stylish addition to the layout you have chosen. We offer bar corner station cabinets that contain appliances such as ice makers, wine coolers, refrigerators, and kegerators. And to complete your oasis, consider installing an outdoor kitchen near your pool, which is the perfect setup for garden parties.

Lounge and Lighting

For a complete outdoor living experience, nothing better than a seating area in the form of a dining table or bar seats. Lounge areas are great opportunities to encourage social interactions by sitting down for dinner and drinking with your guests. With our seemingly infinite configurations, you have the freedom to create a living area adjacent to seating. The same goes for outdoor lighting, which can make your space more functional all year round. If your outdoor kitchen has a structural cover, like a gazebo, opt for recessed lighting for a contemporary look. You can even include an outdoor fireplace to add warmth or landscape lighting for a beautiful setting.