OF wood barbecue: when the outdoor becomes a lifestyle

We are in the middle of the outdoor grilling season, and barbecues among friends and relatives represent a choice of freedom for one’s time. A wood barbecue can give even more satisfaction to those who are passionate about this type of cooking: in addition to being a kitchen tool that is easy to use and clean, in the OF outdoorkitchens’ reinterpretation it also becomes a design object with simple and elegant lines. One of the best ways to share pleasant moments in your outdoor kitchen.

The characteristics of a wood barbecue

Quality wood barbecues use double-walled stainless steel and refractory bricks to radiate heat in the cooking area. Stainless steel exteriors, with removable parts, are easy to maintain and resist time and use for many many years. OF wood barbecues are available in two variants: for island and wall kitchen. They are really versatile because they can adapt to any outdoor environment: garden, terrace, patio, veranda, etc. The large 304 stainless steel surface guarantees a homogeneous cooking of food throughout. In this way, the end result will be absolutely natural and healthy, not requiring the addition of oils and fats, but incredibly tasty. A curiosity: did you know that wood barbecue grills can reach almost 1000 degrees of temperature? Yet, although grills are able to reach extremely high temperatures, the design keeps the heat inside the grill rather than outside. This fact can also help reduce the operating costs of your outdoor kitchen by reducing fuel consumption. Not bad, eh?

How to choose the perfect wood barbecue

The wood barbecue is, as we have already said, easy to use, and is perfect for cooking not only meat (beef, chicken, pork, and all those you want) but also fish, vegetables and much more: the only limit will be your imagination in the kitchen. If therefore the taste and cost advantages of a wood grill are definitely attractive, the next step is to choose the grill that best meets your needs. One of the main things to consider is the size, depending on both the space you have available and the production needs of your kitchen. Wood grills are available in a variety of sizes to meet all kind of requests. Other considerations may include warranty options, budget and individual functionality.

Wood barbecue care and maintenance

The maintenance of wood barbecues (and especially of the OF outdoorkitchens ones) is very simple: for cleaning it is sufficient a cleansing with a solution of water and vinegar when the plate is still warm, using a scraper for the most encrusted parts.

Finally, some tips for when you grill    

When you are in front of your wood barbecue and you were chosen as the cook, always keep these important rules in mind:


  • Check for any dietary needs, as you may need separate utensils or plates;
  • Add food ones the flames have extinguished to prevent the edges from burning;
  • Marinate any meat the night before to save time and get a better flavour;
  • Cover the barbecue with some tin foil for faster cleaning;
  • Wait until your barbecue has cooled before cleaning it. Most of the grills are dishwasher safe or you can use a metal brush.