OF outdoorkitchens present at the Salone del Mobile in Milan again this year

Once again this year, we at OF outdoorkitchens will be present at the Salone del Mobile in Milan, an event that shines a spotlight on all the innovations of good living, in any field. From design to materials, from colours to the concept and philosophy of living, we as a company fully embrace the common thread of the main theme of the 2023 edition: the enhancement of sustainability. We will be at the Fuorisalone from 17th to 23rd of April, at Ecosistema, a showroom in Via Gaetano Giardino. If you want to come and visit us, we look forward to seeing you. In the meantime, read what you can find at the sixty-first edition of the Salone del Mobile and what our impressions are.

The novelties of the Salone, between practicality and aesthetic value

Exploring the Salone del Mobile in Milan means for us every time to look for novelty, excellence, practicality but also aesthetic and communicative value. Objects express a way of living and being in the world, of representing our time. Discussing the annual trends in this area, a term that experts avoid but which always remains popular, is a paradox. Yes, we know that we also do it in our blog, but we also know that the furniture that enters our homes will stay with us for a long time and transform the space into something that represents us. So, when we talk about trends, and what we see every time at the Salone del Mobile, it is more like an almost infinite variety of voices and interpretations, of stories and solutions: a varied, surprising, personal mix and the work of brilliant designers. And this very rarely is something that does not remain etched in everyone’s mind and heart.

Well-being and sustainability: the watchwords of this edition

At the same time, time goes by, society evolves and innovation becomes a norm. We are well aware of this at OF outdoorkitchens, that we are constantly updating so that our kitchens are always in step with the times. Even among the halls of this Salone, it is possible to catch visions, concepts, and proposals that will outline the common design thread that will run through the 1920s. With a careful look we can guess what will remain timeless or fashionable and what will run out. Now, beyond the aesthetic discourse, the watchwords of 2023 are two: well-being and sustainability. Paying attention to the origin of materials, production methods, durability and the end of life of objects (care, today, taken for granted) design sends a clear message: “Take care of yourself, others and the planet”. In this way, design is committed to preserving beauty, well-being and that sense of serenity that the times really need. And we obviously agree because we already do.

Design chromotherapy: the colour at the base of moods

In line with the keywords of this edition, the main colours of this year, we noticed, are delicate shades, which convey calm and serenity. Light, bright, warm shades that recall the nature that surrounds us: earthy ochre, cream, ivory, dove grey, grey, camel. But also terracotta, shades of wood, mustard yellow. Or forest green, emerald and sage, purple, different shades of pink and the turquoise of the sea. In contrast to this inspiration, there is a refined sense of saturated colour that echoes the 70s and 90s (the purples, yellows, reds, greens, blues), which also leave room for rather daring combinations. And gold also comes up, highlighting ultramarine, peacock and cornflower blue shades. Will we include all this in our outdoor kitchens too? Who knows…but let’s not underestimate the inspiration.