OF outdoorkitchens opens its new showroom soon

OF outdoorkitchens will soon open its new showroom: a larger and more detailed space where you can have a 360-degree overview of the outdoor kitchens of the latest trend and touch and see up close details that you might otherwise miss. But why, with new information technology and the web, a traditional kitchen showroom is still important today? Here are a few reasons.

In a showroom you “touch” the outdoor kitchen

The showroom remains, and will be for a long time, the best place where the owner of a house can touch the potential products he/she is buying. A computer screen, although it can reproduce reality very well, does not yet allow this. Indeed, while research and creative ideas can be realized online, it is only by visiting a showroom that you can properly understand how our products are made, the options in which they enter, the built quality and so on. After all, when it comes to selling excellent kitchens, it is always useful to encourage the customer to come and see what he/she is buying in person.

The ideal place to bring your dreams to life

The showroom can become the ideal place to create ideas, dreams and desire to install the best outdoor kitchen, according to your needs. Indeed, in these spaces you will realize what are the standards to which we at OF work both in terms of products and craftsmanship. Enter our new showroom and be surprised: before you shop, and before you buy, we want you to be enthusiastic about your purchase!

Why a new showroom: what we offer you more?

At OF we believe that is it very important, now, to have a space where customers have the opportunity to see everything we have to offer. We want to give you the chance to see and feel the products that we are offering, rather than being unsure and risk installing a product that might not fully satisfy you. In this way you, as the customer, can examine our outdoor kitchens in detail and feel more confident about your purchase. What matters most to us is that you trust our brand. With a showroom open all day, you can visit the space at any time to see how kitchens and the furniture that compose them are made, and to have the opportunity to speak to a member of our team, in case you have any doubts that you wish to remove.

A small step forward for an even more complete service

A new showroom space is something we have been thinking about for some time, and we discussed it with our team for a while, but in the end we took the plunge since our product range has not only grown, but has also diversified.

We have a lot to offer and we wanted a space to showcase it, both for suppliers, professionals such as architects and designers, for our business partners and finally for consumers and customers like you. The exhibition area will be adjacent to our production space.

We are waiting for you very soon to show you all our new solutions for outdoor kitchens: customizable and adaptable to any of your needs.