OF outdoorkitchens is also on the road: discover our travelling kitchens

Talking about an outdoor kitchen to those who are planning to buy one is a useful gesture because in this way, through a description, the buyer can get an idea of what the product is. However, it is even more important for people to see and touch the items they are planning to buy, precisely because in this way they approach the outdoor kitchens with conviction. Usually it is the customer who goes to the company to give rise to this experience. This is always possible, of course. However, we at OF thought we would go around to try to introduce our outdoor kitchens to everyone.

Our product, everywhere: the travelling van

Well yes, this was the reason that drove us at OF to work in order to best present our product, everywhere! Indeed, with our travelling van, we take the best modular and customizable outdoor kitchen models to the streets, so we can show anyone who wants the care we put into the details of our outdoor kitchen furniture, and let them touch the quality and strength of steel. This is invaluable to us because it recognises our work as important and establishes our relationship with the public, which we consider very important.

We have a global presence with our kitchen models

Our export managers help us to look at the global landscape every day, precisely because as a company we know how important it is to be present outside our country, and to know and understand the design and outdoor furniture trends. Our modular solutions are designed for everyone, both for those who have large outdoor spaces, such as gardens and attics, and for those who only have a small patio or terrace. We strive every day to guarantee a true relaxation in the open spaces of the house, and the conviviality that only an outdoor kitchen can provide.

From modular kitchens to wood barbecues: everything for your happiness

The OF outdoorkitchens catalogue includes not only standard outdoor kitchens, but also customisable ones. On our institutional website, then, you will find very useful videos for setting up this outdoor environment, cleaning furniture and appliances, assembling, as well as a catalogue of the best wood barbecues. Ours is a company that ranks among the most important on the market. Indeed, we were among the first to change the concept of use and enjoyment of outdoor spaces. What is the winning formula? Well, insist on the union of the concept of “beauty” with the excellent quality and durability of the materials, one above all: steel. To this we add the care for the design of the kitchens, always in step with contemporary trends but without losing appeal over the years. We are convinced that happiness also has to do with feeling good in your own spaces, including outdoors. Why then give up the possibility to cook and spend time with friends and loved ones in the garden, on a patio or on our terrace? Why not enjoy meetings and conviviality with a professional barbecue in the centre? All this is possible with us at OF, without ever neglecting aesthetics and, above all, meeting everyone’s budget. Because personality and style are not a question of price, and we know it.