OF outdoorkitchens design models: Via Nolfi, Malatesta and Quadro

You know by now: we love talking about our outdoor kitchens, the elegance and convenience of modular kitchens, and our favourite material: steel. If you follow us, you should therefore know that around steel we have created a real “creed”, also made of diversity in design. Yes, that’s right: on our “steel soul” we have structured a maniacal research, which passes from the materials, but also touches the finishes and details that to anyone else might seem superfluous, but not to us. So here we have created three design models on which you, the customer, can then have fun customizing your kitchen. Let’s see them together.

Via Nolfi: the mother of Officine Fanesi kitchens

The mother of all our (indoor and outdoor) kitchens, on which there are many possibilities of variations. Starting with the base units, which can be ground or suspended, even up to 60cm, in double depth to ensure that even bulky appliances can fit. For wall units, you can choose them both open or closed, with hinged or tilting openings. The development of the Via Nolfi is all vertical, according to contemporary design trends. The tall units, designed to be aligned with the wall units, are both for pantry use and for inserting the most disparate appliances. Great is then the possibility of superimposing special elements (above the column).

Malatesta: a space free from conditioning

If from a design point of view the Malatesta module follows that of Via Nolfi, it differs from it in the dimensions of the doors, with a view to total transversality of the finishes. The Malatesta doors overlap the plinth, covering it completely and providing the kitchen, for both base and tall units, with a particularly slender effect. This eliminates the visual impact of the plinths, which can be unwelcome in total living projects. Free from the conditioning of the groove opening, Malatesta kitchens use push-pull openings for the doors, drawers and baskets, or alternatively handles of the customer’s choice, together with the designer.

Quadro: the transversality of the design meets with the best finishes

When design meets the high quality of materials and finishes, as a customer you can also successfully meet the Quadro module. The latter, while not moving away from the basic and minimalist design of Via Nolfi and Malatesta, differs in the particular refinement in the construction of the kitchen frontals. The secret lies in the double door and the separation made by a small groove that also acts as a handle grip. It is a game of frames and reliefs, in which the internal or service door is wide and proposed in different finishes to create the “perimeter frame” effect, while the external door, aesthetic and characterizing of the kitchen, takes on the most varied colours and materiality, to give a full meaning to the project and align, in terms of variants, with the rest of the finishes already proposed by the Via Nolfi and Malatesta design models.

The appliances you want, with the latest technology ​​​​​​​

The beauty of OF outdoor kitchens is also given by the possibility of inserting beautifully crafted, ultra-modern or futuristic appliances, as is the case, for example, with Electrolux induction hobs, partners in the creation of complete and aesthetically impeccable outdoor kitchens, as well as functional and perfect. For all the information you want to have about all the details of our kitchens, or to see our design creations up close, you can come to our showroom or contact us at the contact details in the contact section.