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A New Year’s Eve party around your outdoor kitchen

Organizing a New Year’s Eve party around the outdoor kitchen: does it seem like a bizarre idea to you? In fact, we’re not suggesting you have your guests dine outside in the cold, but simply to spend some time after dinner, toasting and waiting for midnight and the new year in the garden! With our best tips you can transform your outdoor space into the perfect place to celebrate, offering you the best viewpoint for watching fireworks and not worrying about having to tidy up inside afterwards. Here’s what you might need if you’ve decided to organize a New Year’s garden party in your outdoor kitchen.

Don’t let your guests miss out on coffee tables with a gas fire pit

Combine a place to rest your drinks with a spot to stay warm. The solution is to place coffee tables with a gas fire pit in the outdoor space. Position the tables in the center of your outdoor seating area and your guests can sit around the fire pit, keeping warm and having their drinks and snacks or treats within easy reach.

A patio heater is very important and could be an alternative

Maybe you have children attending your party and are concerned about a fire pit, which could cause harm. Or perhaps you have different areas of the garden where people might spend time and want to heat the whole area, not just a part of it. In these cases, an outdoor stove is ideal, and represents the most fitting choice. An outdoor or patio heater that attaches to the wall, or a freestanding outdoor heater are perfect for generating enough heat to keep your guests warm.

Don’t neglect outdoor lighting

At this time of year, sunlight is not enough at all, especially after five in the afternoon. If you opt for one of the outdoor heaters, these will double the lighting, sure, but if you want to light up the entire garden we recommend chain lights that operate on electricity or battery, which can run around the garden attached to the fence or flower beds or even over your head. Extra idea: why not use some Christmas lights? They are perfect for this time of year, are easily available, suitable for outdoor use, bright and cheerful.

If you don’t have one, get a shelter/screen and make the barbecue the star

A gazebo is a great way to shelter in case it rains or is particularly windy. Alternatively, if you have a summer house, you could fill it with chairs and blankets and make sure it’s warm and comfortable for your guests. And finally… have you thought about a winter barbecue? We say: why not? Keep your guests full and warm with an extra grill before the toast. Plus, lighting the barbecue could generate a bit of extra heat in the garden too. If your barbecue has a hood, you can keep it lit even if it rains.

Well, you get it, we at OF outdoorkitchens believe that there’s no reason why you can’t organize a garden party on New Year’s Eve, even if it’s cold and raining, there are plenty of garden furniture pieces you can use to keep your guests warm, dry, comfortable and happy during the new year. And then, these are pieces that you can use all year round and that you can take advantage of both in summer and winter. So, enjoy your outdoor kitchen even during the holidays!