Make the most of the outdoor spaces of your kitchen with our tips

The scorching heat of this summer, combined with the typical desire of the summer season to be outdoors and in conviviality, leads everyone in search of increasingly diverse ways to make the most of their outdoor spaces. Whether it is a terrace, a courtyard/patio or a garden where an outdoor kitchen can be placed, as long as you have an outdoor place, you have the opportunity to create a very special plus for your home. How to make the most of this area? Here are some practical tips from us at OF outdoorkitchens.

Turn your outdoor kitchen into a stage for an outdoor culinary experience

Eating outdoors, if the weather is nice, can give the impression of a liberating act: a little luxury you can finally indulge in. With the sky as a backdrop, the flowers of the garden as a scenery and the summer smells perfuming the air, you can set the mood for a wonderful dinner or a culinary experience to impress your guests. Remember, outdoor dinner does not have to be an ever equal appointment in your outdoor areas, in the sense that you can change the setting as often as you like. With the help of folding tables, for example, you can have a mobile dining room that takes up space only when needed and when you want.

Add strategic lighting: it will make the difference

Strategically placed lighting can really transform and transfigure an outdoor surface. Try then with battery lanterns resting on tables and benches, twinkling lights wrapped around the railings and solar-powered light bulbs that gently shine in the corners. All this can add warmth and depth to your space. Of course, some creativity will also be needed on your part if you want to follow the interior designers’ tips well. Certain is that making the most of the entire perimeter dedicated to the outdoor kitchen means making sure you can live it until late in the evening. And good lighting makes outdoor dinners possible even when it starts to get dark earlier and earlier.

Create different sections and segment your outdoor space in a smart way

Segmenting the areas of an outdoor kitchen so that there is a dynamic flow and a feeling of being in different areas can help make the space you have look larger. If you are lucky enough to have a large courtyard, or a beautiful garden, then you could create separate areas for eating, an ad hoc area for the barbecue, and then a relaxation area. All this will also help give the impression that everything is wider. When subdividing your areas, again, don’t be afraid to be creative or incorporate other design elements into your different sections! Focus a lot on floral decorations: flower vases are a simple and effective way to achieve this goal. Or use your outdoor furniture to create dynamism: the addition of a sofa facing away from your dining area, to mention one, creates, for example, the illusion of two separate areas.

Show your guests your creativity and explore different furnishing options

Putting together an outdoor location full of all the comforts and design elements you desire will create, in this way, an occasion of great comfort for you and an opportunity to show your creativity to your guests and explore different furnishing options for your outdoor kitchen. Well, these we gave you were just some ideas. If you need some advice, do not hesitate to contact our designers, who will be able to provide you with support for your OF outdoor kitchen.