Let’s talk about us and what we believe in: the philosophy of OF outdoorkitchens

Today we want to talk about us and everything we believe in. Outdoor kitchens are our passion, especially because we know that they can be affordable for everyone. In fact, our company philosophy is based on the possibility for everyone to create their own lifestyle. For this reason, we offer our customers a wide range of outdoor kitchens, for every need and taste.

Various finishes, colours and materials: innovation in the outdoors

We make of it a real mantra. Diversify is our imperative in outdoor kitchens. Therefore, basic steel is no longer the only exclusive material, but a number of different materials are alternated, for example, in the production of worktops, doors and so on. In fact, the latter are available in a truly elegant and innovative brushed steel or in a delabré steel with a bronzed effect. If you love old-fashioned design, then you should know that it is also possible to work steel with a typical vintage effect. Alternatively, you can always choose corten, which can be patinated and is perfect for withstanding the weather, or the embossed look and lacquered finish. The same applies to the worktops, which are made from a variety of technical stones and steels that are strictly self-produced.

Our steel is made from the best materials

A little parenthesis here to emphasise that our steel is always made from the best materials, such as 304 or 316 stainless steel. Both are perfect for outdoor kitchens, with the only difference being the greater ability of 316 to withstand the atmospheric agents typical of sea areas (salt, sea mist, humidity, etc.). It is no coincidence that 316 steel is also called “marine steel” and is also used in boating.

How kitchens are made: from designing to assembly and shipping

Producing an outdoor kitchen requires love for our work, technical expertise and passion for design, as well as for details. The phases of this production range from designing, which is essential to make any outdoor kitchen customizable, to assembling the elements and shipping to the customer. We talked about the design phase in another article of this blog, in which we explain the steps leading to the creation of such an environment, just like an interior room. Then comes the first real production phase: the laser cutting. Using this technique, the metal sheets are cut following the guidelines dictated by the design drawings. The cut elements are then folded and welded, always according to precise technical information. Subsequently, we proceed to the customization requested by the client (different paint finishes, possible matt effect, embossed, and so on). Finally, the various elements are assembled and sent to the customer.

We are always price-conscious but we never neglect accessories

At OF we are always price-conscious because we believe that outdoor kitchens should be usable by a wide range of customers and not only by a high-end elite. That is why we essentially rely on the concept of modularity. Therefore, the customer chooses to customize his/her kitchen as he/she wishes, with the accessories he/she prefers. In addition to the barbecue, to which, as you can see, we dedicate a whole section in the “Catalogue” category of our website, as a customer you can also request the addition of a hob (gas or induction), an oven, a sink with tap, an internal drawer and a cutlery tray. You can also add a fryer, a dishwasher and a garbage kit to your outdoor kitchen, if you prefer. The latter is particularly important as its significant dimensions allow you to easily and efficiently manage the recycling. The other accessories are equally functional and guaranteed for outdoor use.