Cucine da esterno dalla forma a L

L-shaped outdoor kitchens: everything there is to know

The layout of an outdoor kitchen is one of the most important considerations to make when choosing such a type of furnishing for your outdoor space. It is determined by the placement and shape of the furniture and appliances. Some shapes are more functional than others, depending on the needs of the space. L-shaped outdoor kitchens are the most common layouts thanks to the flexibility of this shape. In addition to outdoor kitchens, L-shaped layouts are often found in indoor kitchens. This shape allows for a lot of creativity in your design, making it a staple in a variety of applications.

Features of L-shaped outdoor kitchens

In this type of project, the furniture and appliances are arranged to form an L in a typical layout. It is a flexible layout, allowing for an effective work base for food preparation, cooking, and cleaning. The corner unit creates the L, with grill, refrigerator, and sink placed next to each other in a triangle shape. L-shaped layouts are more functional in medium-sized outdoor cooking spaces. They work well for a corner terrace or a patio kitchen, as it is open and allows easy access. However, in a small outdoor kitchen, an L-shaped layout might present limits if multiple people are using the space. If the L is too small, the work triangle also becomes ineffective.

When the L-shaped layout doesn’t work

When appliances are too far apart from each other, in larger spaces an inefficient work triangle can be created. That’s why L-shaped compositions often foresee the addition of an island or a table to make larger environments more functional. This setup allows you, however, to easily interact with your guests for a greater entertainment value. It’s important to consider the area where the outdoor kitchen will be placed to determine the best layout. When designing an outdoor kitchen, correct placement of services will ensure they work well for cooking and as an entertainment space.

How to design an L-shaped layout with OF outdoorkitchens

We at OF have been leaders in the outdoor kitchen sector for many years. Our 304 and 316 stainless steel furniture is durable in virtually any climate, with attention to features and details. Customers continue to choose us time and again for our expert advice and design flexibility. Our team will help you create a luxurious, attractive, and durable L-shaped outdoor kitchen that can last a lifetime. Let’s now look in detail at what to pay attention to in this type of design.

Cabinets and appliances

The simplest design of an L-shaped outdoor kitchen uses two sets of base units and a corner base unit. Our base units are designed in different types, such as door configurations, drawer/door, and multiple drawers. These configurations allow for different storage and organization capacities. With the addition of a grill unit and a sink unit, you will have a functional space for cooking and preparation. To complete your work triangle, our units can accommodate outdoor refrigerators with glass fronts or powder-coated panels. We also offer pull-out trash cabinets for easy cleaning.

Color and style

Color and style are two important aspects for the design of your L-shaped outdoor kitchen. We offer several powder coating colors in solid finishes, textures, metallics, wood grains, and more. Our powder coatings are UV resistant and reduce the maintenance of our stainless steel furniture. They offer a time-tested finish that remains vibrant and true from day one.

For any other detail and information on the L-shaped configuration of an outdoor kitchen or other types, contact us or come visit us in our showroom.