The secret of our company? A cohesive and always close-knit team

A cohesive team is the secret of every great company. We at OF outdoorkitchens know this well. Indeed, to provide our customers with outdoor kitchens that will last a lifetime, we aim not only at the excellent quality of the materials, the impeccable preparation of our designers and the perfect workmanship of craftsmen, but also at a formidable teamwork. We strongly believe that in order to achieve an extraordinary end product, it is necessary for all members of a team in the company to respect each other, to be highly motivated and fully committed to the company’s decisions and strategies.

Here each member feels part of a project!

This is the only way to achieve the result of considering each staff member as part of the overall project. Our conviction is based on the fact that three elements must always be present in any effective and cohesive team: open and sincere communication, cooperation and trust. Like the threads of a rope, these elements hold our team together and give it strength. We could therefore do nothing with beautifully crafted pieces, for example, if the assembler was not precise and meticulous and did not take care of every detail of your future kitchen. And so on: an excellent project designed by our designers and engineers would be meaningless if it were not carried out with efficiency and, let us say it, maniacal attention to detail. We are crazy about the details! And what about our dispatchers? Precise and punctual, trained and prepared to satisfy any customers’ need.

We want to explain how it all started: from the passion for metal to outdoor kitchens

We realise that, until now, in our blog we never talked to you specifically about the company that started the OF brand. At the base of everything there is the experience and expertise of an s.r.l. like Tecnozeta, which has specialised in the production and sale of metal furniture for many years. Its “core business” is represented by the processing especially of stainless steel, and later of aluminium and other metals. This led to the design of specific solutions for each customer. The result was the creation of OF, a brand dedicated to the almost tailor-made creation of outdoor kitchens. A motivated and productivity driven team is our “secret to success”. Designers, architects, workers, craftsmen, technicians: they all work in sinergy to achieve an extremely high quality finished product. In addition to excellence, we rely on product customisation and on continuous research and experimentation into materials and techniques for processing and assembling pieces. In this way we aim to redefine the philosophy of space/kitchen.

The word “WE” is the basis of everything

We have always thought that the word WE defines us: the group, the team made by people who together seek a solution, aimed at continuous improvement. All this has led us to create for you, and for all our customers, a network of specialists who collaborate with our designers for the definition of the project, the planimetric survey and the resolution of all possible post-sales criticalities. Finally, we are aiming at communications: sharing our expertise and know-how with the clients and with those who can start to know us also through social media represents for us a continuous challenge to improve and experiment. Not only in Italy, but throughout Europe and increasingly towards international horizons.