Ideas to decorate your outdoor kitchen for Halloween and the end of autumn

We are lucky, we can say it! Autumn is turning out to be wonderful this year, allowing us to use our outdoor kitchen for quite a while yet. The month of October, then, is enchanting from a naturalistic point of view: with the bright changing colours come red, orange, yellow and even purple leaves! Not to mention apple picking, pumpkin picking, and the many first hot chocolates of the season, or mulled wine with cinnamon sticks. If then you have children at home, they will surely be thrilled about Halloween. With all the excitement of autumn, one of the best ways to welcome this season is to decorate the outdoor kitchen. Here are some ideas.

Centrepiece and decorations with small pumpkins

A jar, vase or pitcher of wheat can be a great centrepiece for your outdoor kitchen. They are also easy to find in stores, weather the wheat is real or fake. We recommend adding an air freshener, perhaps a scented candle, to your centrepiece, flavoured with pumpkin, cinnamon or apple pie spices. Then, small pumpkins laid on a tray on the table are great additions to your autumn décor. Pair it with wooden and gold coasters. Better yet, add leaves and pumpkins to the centre table in your patio. The leaves can be real or fake, and the same goes for pumpkins (there are also decorative ones). Add a few cinnamon sticks for pleasant scents and the table is ready! If you do the same for the patio, adding pumpkins and leaves on the outdoor floor, you will have created a magical setting for your outdoor kitchen.

Get yourself one or more lazy Susan

For the uninitiated, one of the highlights of garden furniture and outdoor kitchens is the “lazy Susan”. It looks like a splashback, but it is not: it is actually a revolving and raised tray, and can be made of wood or metal. If you place aperitifs or desserts on it, you can allow everyone at the table, or sitting next to a small table, to serve themselves comfortably. This is almost indispensable on an outdoor kitchen table.

Garlands on the doors and warm blankets on the sofas

What is more suggestive of the desire to gather in an outdoor kitchen on a warm autumn afternoon than a soft blanket? Nothing! So put soft blankets on the sofas or armchairs in the patio or garden/terrace, while you are by the barbecue. Next to the table you have already decorated, you will show the guests (young and old) that you can bring out natural and bright colours to create a wonderful autumn scenery in your outdoor kitchen. Even candles in a pumpkin-shaped holder will be a nice touch of style. Then, do not forget the garlands: whichever type you choose, they will be a beautiful addition to the doors of your house, which will be seen from the outdoor kitchen. If you have a hood, you can put one there.

Scarves as runners and LED lights for lighting

To complete the table decoration and enjoy an outdoor kitchen inspired by autumn, there is nothing better than under plates, dishes, cutlery and napkins all in the same theme. Enjoying the crisp air all around while waiting for the dishes coming from the barbecue and the sweets for the children will be the ultimate in relaxation. For an unusual runner you can use a large scarf or a blanket, while LED lighting, combined with candle light, will help to create a really amazing atmosphere.