Ideas and recipes for your outdoor kitchen in summer

Summer continues and your outdoor kitchen is the protagonist of evenings spent with friends or light lunches and snacks by the pool or even in the garden. How to create a smart and welcoming area for everyone while serving some tasty snacks? Here we give you some ideas and some recipes.

Move the party outdoors and create the perfect space to entertain

Your outdoor kitchen has everything, literally everything, to entertain guests at best with the preparation of tasty dishes such as grilled food served with cold drinks and the right holiday cheerfulness. So then barbecues, hobs and outdoor fridges merge to facilitate the transition from indoor kitchen to OF outdoor kitchen. If you do not have an outdoor kitchen, you really have no idea how easy it is to transfer pots and pans, dishes and other accessories from inside to outside. With a garden kitchen you can really do anything, even pizza! There are BBQs that reach the temperatures of professional ovens and accessory compartments such as removable cutting boards, spice racks and refrigerated compartments to have everything at hand. Now that you have everything for a gourmet meal, you will want to enjoy it in a comfortable environment. Relaxing is easy with trendy, comfortable and versatile garden furniture.

Some ideas for the most suitable lighting and furniture

In the evening, illuminate your outdoor kitchen with string lights, which add a magic touch to any outdoor space. Create the atmosphere for entertainment with energy-saving LED lights. And if you like music, you can also try the cable radio: your favourite songs played in your outdoor space with powerful and weatherproof outdoor speakers. Finally, furnish the space making it warm and cosy, perhaps with rugs or outdoor mats. And what about driving away mosquitoes and other unwanted insects? It is always scenic, as well as useful, to add citronella candles or repellent torches to your patio with outdoor kitchen: your kitchen will be free of pests and you will feel better.

In the kitchen: a tasty recipe to prepare quickly

If your guests are impatient and waiting for a delicious barbecue in your outdoor kitchen on summer days or evenings, opt for a fresh and quick dish that can be prepared in a few minutes. An example? Courgette carpaccio to serve with goat cheese.

To prepare them you will need (ingredients for 4 people):
Four small zucchini, also white;
Two dried nuts (equal to 8 kernels);
Two tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil;
200 grams of fresh goat cheese;
100 grams of sliced rustic bread;
Two lemons;
Parsley and mint;
Salt and pepper according to taste.

To prepare this one-dish meal, do the following:

Use a potato peeler and slice the zucchini lengthwise, in very thin slices. Place them in a dish on a worktop of your outdoor kitchen and cover them with the juice of the two lemons. Let it rest for an hour (during which you can relax on the patio in front of the pool or on a comfortable outdoor seat). After the waiting period, lay the very well drained and dried slices of zucchini on a number of dishes according to the expected portions, as is done with carpaccio. Sprinkle them with the shredded goat cheese. Then, chop up the walnuts, cube the bread and distribute it over all the space occupied by zucchini. Prepare a sauce with extra virgin olive oil, salt, pepper and lemon, and pour it on the plate.  Garnish with parsley, mint or other aromatic herbs. Serve with a glass of cold white wine.