How to transform your outdoor space into a perfect area for entertainment

If you are lucky enough to have an outdoor space beyond your outdoor kitchen, you certainly cannot forget to furnish and decorate it at best. This perimeter, whether it is a terrace, a garden, a patio or other, can be used for decorations with plants and flowers or become an equipped area for your outdoor activities. Let’s see how, with some tips from our creative staff at OF outdoorkitchens to turn your green space into a perfect oasis for entertainment.

Focus on the right lighting, strategic and atmospheric

During the summer season, it is important to enhance your outdoor kitchen to make the most of free time and convivial moments with friends and family. The first time to focus on is the lighting. This must be functional to the entertainment of guests, ensuring safety and freedom of movement, but it must also create a suggestive atmosphere. To achieve this effect, outdoor light chains are the ideal solution: they consist of small white or multi-coloured lights, connected by wires of different lengths, which give a magical air to your garden or terrace. Outdoor light chains can be placed around stairs, on gazebos, pergolas or doors. There are also water-resistant ones on the market, so as to create suggestive atmospheres even for the pool, if you have one. For maximum functionality you can then choose the classic spotlights, or opt for the classic street lamps, in order to make steps, paths, flower beds and walls visible. By doing so you can enjoy your outdoor space safely even at night.

Organize the outdoor area: ideas for your outdoor kitchen

Even if you do not have a large plot of land at your disposal, you can still make the most of the green area surrounding your home. In fact, there are many solutions that allow to optimize even small green areas. As with indoor spaces, also outside it is important to divide the environment into different zones. In this way, you can create specific areas for reading or working, areas for children’s games or corners to spend convivial moments with friends and family, maybe equipped with tables, chairs and grills. Moreover, do not forget to provide a covered area to shelter you from the sun or rain: the options are many, from the pergola to the gazebo, up to the large, easily movable parasols.

The choice of suitable plants

To make the most of your outdoor space, you cannot, finally, neglect the choice of suitable plants. It does not matter if you do not have a green thumb: there are several low-maintenance solutions, although occasionally you will need to hire a gardener, especially if the outdoor area is very large. In a small space you can create themed corners by selecting specific types of plants. If you are not very experienced, opt for succulents: there are all shapes and sizes, so it will be easy to find those that fit your taste. Alternatively, you can choose an exotic style with coconut, banana, cycas or palm plants, which are also ideal for decorating flower beds. If you want to make any external walls even more attractive, instead of using classic hanging pots, you can choose to install vertical gardens, where you can also place aromatic plants or small vegetables, so as to always have fresh and genuine products on hand. In any case, it is important to make the most of the space available to create your outdoor kitchen and enjoy the beauty of the surrounding nature.