How to prepare your outdoor kitchen for spring: all the useful tips

There are only two months left until the end of winter, and spring is on the horizon. From the end of January onwards, in particular, is the best time to start preparing your outdoor kitchen for a milder climate and outdoor fun. Do you want to know how? Here we give you all the tips and tricks you need in this regard. And remember that if you start early, you can do everything calmly and find yourself with an environment ready in spring.

Outdoor patio and garden furniture: start with them

Preparing your outdoor kitchen for the summer starts with the patio. Indeed, it is better to start with the basics when it comes to preparing these spaces. The surface of your patio has definitely accumulated dust and debris during the colder months, therefore it is necessary to differentiate the type of work according to the area where you live. If the winter in your part is fairly mild, without snow or ice, proceed with a simple, more thorough cleaning. If, instead, the weather in your region is more severe, in addition to sweeping and washing, you might want to consider the pressure washing of the patio (with pressure washers) for the maximum cleaning potential.

For the garden, do it this way

In addition to the patio, very important is the proper care of garden furniture, not only for their aesthetic value, but also to ensure that they last as long as possible. In this case, start by uncovering the furniture, freeing them from cloths and cellophane, then dust everything. If you find it necessary, engage in a more thorough cleaning to remove dirt, cobwebs or even insects that have accumulated over the winter. And speaking of the garden, it is time to start thinking about the plants to! Mainly: when will the weeding be done and which flowers do you want to plant this year? Sure, it might be a bit of a nuisance to think about it, but it will be worth it once the fruits of your labour will start to bloom.

Look also to furniture and design accessories

This could also be a time to consider whether to change the furnishing accessories of your outdoor kitchen, and to review the design. Once the furniture is clean and ready for use, therefore, we suggest you to consider some finishing touches to give a new life to the outdoor space. You could, for example, include some new decorative pillows, comfortable and warm blankets (after all winter is not over yet, even if the days are longer and more pleasant), soft ottomans and even an outdoor rug. You will see how these small changes can have a big impact on the furniture and constitute a sort of “refresh” on your outdoor space!

Now you can take care of the grills and the barbecue

Now that spring is coming, it is time to start firing up the barbecue grill again. However, before planning your first weekend meeting, make sure to clean the grill thoroughly. Then clean, scrape any charred pieces that you had missed and check the propane/gas lines. Careful cleaning not only prevents the grill from becoming a fire hazard, but it also improves the quality of the food you prepare on it. After the barbecue grill you will have to clean the rest of your outdoor kitchen just as you would with your indoor kitchen. All stainless steel sinks and appliances can be cleaned with a specific detergent for this material. The shelves of the wet bar can be tidied up with a small hand broom and then cleaned with a damp cloth. Finally, with the approaching of the day of the first meeting with your friends outside, do not forget to fill the wine cellar and stock the mini fridge with assorted beverages and snacks specially prepared for the occasion.