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How to live an outdoor kitchen even in winter

When the seasons change, the air becomes crisp, and the mercury column begins to drop, certain desires start to rise. For some, it’s watching the football championship, for others, it’s wearing comfortable clothes, and for others, it’s trying to enjoy their outdoor kitchen even in winter. Undoubtedly, the likelihood of sunny Sundays and holidays even in the colder months depends a lot on the latitude where you live, but today in this post we will try to give you some advice on how to fight the cold and snatch a few more days in the company of your OF outdoorkitchens.

Electric heaters, gas burners, or wood-burning braziers?

If you are looking for a good reason to stay in your outdoor kitchen on pleasant winter evenings, but warm, there are solutions and they are also interesting. You could, for example, opt for an easy-to-use gas burner and give up the smoke and ash of a brazier, but you would also lose the smell. In our opinion, a bit of the aroma of seasoned walnut, oak, or maple is an essential part of the deeper brazier experience, but that’s just our opinion. So, after carefully evaluating your needs, preferences, and space, you might choose between stoves, gas burners, or wood-burning braziers, also based on durability, ease of use, style, and price. Let’s see together the solution that best suits your needs.

The classic charm of the wood-burning brazier

If you love the atmosphere of the backyard brazier, but want some extra safety features, the sturdy and elegant wood-burning brazier could be an excellent choice. A dome mesh spark guard with reinforced support bands protects your garden and guests watching the fire from sparks that can fly away, while an integrated railing helps ensure that no one touches the hot brazier. There are then steel braziers that feature fun and entertaining designs, or others more classic and tasteful. A durable matte finish resistant to weather and a lower drain hole protect the metal from rust. For outdoor kitchen cooks, make sure the brazier also includes a removable cooking grate and a poker. And have you ever noticed how the smoke from the fire always seems to follow you as you continually move trying to avoid it? You, your family, and your friends love the fire moment but hate all the smoke? Then you should know that there are also braziers on the market that heat without making too much smoke. This is due to the characteristic 360-degree airflow design. In addition, these braziers are made of 304 stainless steel to withstand the weather. And when the brazier cools down, just turn it over to empty the remaining ash.

Mushroom-shaped gas burners

A versatile alternative for heating your outdoor space is represented by mushroom-shaped gas burners. These devices work with LPG gas cylinders and emit a welcoming heat, creating a comfortable atmosphere for you and your guests. They are highly mobile and can be placed wherever you wish. Also, some models can be connected to your home’s gas system for unparalleled convenience. However, don’t forget to pay the right attention to the maintenance of the nozzles to ensure safe use.

Electric heaters and infrared lamps

If instead, you want a highly efficient option without the need for flames, electric heaters and infrared lamps represent an ideal solution. These devices offer instant heating through the principle of radiation. They are also known for their affordable cost. It is worth noting that they consume more energy, so it is preferable to use them sporadically. If you need to limit energy consumption, consider installing high-efficiency heat pumps, although you will have to give up the pleasant sensation of being enveloped by infrared heat.

Anyway, whatever solution you choose to heat your outdoor kitchen, remember that you can always ask for advice from our designers at OF outdoorkitchens.