How many outdoor kitchen styles are there? Minimalist or modern: the most fashionable alternatives

It is easy to say “outdoor kitchen”, actually an outdoor space in which to cook is not the same for all houses, but adapts to the lifestyle of each family that chooses it. So, how many and what are the possible styles for an outdoor kitchen? Here is a little excursus among all the choices available to furnish your garden/terrace/attic with an outdoor kitchen.

Minimalist or modern and avant-garde: here are the most fashionable alternatives. In recent times, among the most sought-after styles for outdoor kitchens we find the minimalist one or, alternatively, the modern one. The first is chosen above all by those who do not like to have too many objects around, but still do not give up the attention to detail. In this case, the focus is on really essential furniture and appliances, so as to leave plenty of room for a sense of openness. It is not a coincidence that the minimalist style is preferred by those who install their outdoor kitchen in small terraces or by the pool. Design pieces are also indicative for this style: few but important. Modern style, on the contrary, relies heavily on comfort and welcome the guests. Therefore, in modern outdoor kitchens cannot miss a bar corner and cutting-edge, almost futuristic appliances. Natural steel is the favourite material, while barbecue, fridge and dishwasher are all present. There is also (why not?) a small living room with a TV corner nearby: in short, a paradise for both guests and hosts.

Versatile or colourful? The favourite styles of those who have an “artistic” soul

If you are among those who “ok a practical and functional kitchen but it must also be beautiful and colourful”, then you could opt for a coloured outdoor kitchen. No problem for steel: in fact, we have already talked in this blog about the possibility of making coloured steels with beautiful textures, without taking anything away from the performance of the material. Colour-block trend should be noted: very popular in the USA, for example, which consists of very sharp colour contrasts in the kitchen furniture. Green and pink, or yellow and purple, or even red and blue, give this environment an artistic and cheerful atmosphere. What if you are in the mood for a mix of styles and you are not satisfied with just one? In this case, you can be side by side with our designers for a custom outdoor kitchen made according to your wishes!

Natural or Mediterranean: the ideal cuisine for sea places

Finally, if you live in a seaside resort or you are planning to set up an outdoor kitchen in your holiday home, you could consider a 100% natural style, organic for the furniture fabrics and ethical in the treatment of materials (without the use of substances harmful to health). Here the steel used could be the opaque, or slightly knurled, to increase the weather resistance of marine locations (breezes, mists, sunlight, salt). Then, there are those who voluntarily choose to make the outdoor kitchen appear as slightly aged, with a vintage scent: it is a style suitable for those who love simple things and hate complications, also from the technical point of view. Few words, to close, on what is defined as a “Mediterranean” style, adored by those who prefer the exotic patterns of the tiles that are seen in those places (Sicily and some areas of Campania in Italy, and then Morocco, Greece, Turkey). The contrast between the tiles with geometric patterns and coloured steel (but also natural) results in a true wonder of elegance and refinement, but without ever overdoing it.